Desert Alchemy Flower Essences

Desert Alchemy Flower Essences are available in 10 mL (1/3 fl. oz.) stock bottles, which can be purchased separately (see list below) or in flower essence kits.

Our flower essences are organized in two main groups:

Individual Flower Essences
Individual Flower Essences are made with flowers from a single plant species.
Composite Formulas
Composite Formulas are combinations of flower essences that address specific issues. They are identified by the name of an issue or healing theme followed by the word Formula.

For more information or to purchase, please click on the name of the flower essence or kit.

Individual Flower Essences & Composite Formulas

Flower Essence Kits

Purchasing flower essences in sets or kits is an economical way to be sure you have essential tools on hand to use professionally, personally, with family, friends and pets. The kit boxes make it easy to store, find and select the flower essences you need.

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