Indian Root

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: bright maroon/green


Flower Essence Description

Do you find yourself trying too hard and making things complex? Indian Root helps us value simplicity. It releases deep seated fears that block our free-flowing creative expression.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • appreciation and valuing of simplicity, that something is not necessarily better or more valuable if it is difficult or complex
  • simplicity and ease in your approach to something
  • free-flowing creative expression
  • spontaneity
  • works with very deep seated fears that are causing resistance to your intuitive process or your unfoldment process or creative opening
  • pushing through old deep superstitions
  • facilitates right brain development through calming the fears and resistance of losing control of your rational mind

Patterns of Imbalance

  • believing that to achieve something worthwhile, it must come hard and be a real effort
  • tendency to make something complex and convoluted
  • looking for complex answers when, in fact, the answers we are seeking are simple and easy to find
  • blocks in your creative expression through trying too hard
  • falling apart at the seams; deep seated fears
  • deep seated superstitions

How to use and related questions


Indian Root is related to the following keywords:

blockedcomplexitycontrolcreativityfearperfectionismperspectiverelaxingresistancebrainsimplicityspontaneitystrugglesuperstitionadrenalinedramadetailshopepregnancyhardshipsolutiontrying to


Indian Root is mentioned in the following core-issue articles:

The Core Issue: "All or Nothing" Thinking
use for 4 weeks, followed by Windflower for 2 weeks - for adrenaline addiction, which is often at the root of all or nothing thinking; perceiving situations as difficult or even dangerous so that the body releases adrenaline to be prepared to handle them; living in a state of hyper vigilance due to dysfunctional family patterns
Using Flower Essences with Children
make things hard for themselves and struggle
The Core Issue: Emotional/Mental Self-Care
For those who have the tendency to make simple things difficult to find intellectual challenge & fulfillment
The Core Issue: Exhaustion
Part One of a two-part process for recovering from adrenaline addiction, this essence is used four times a day for four weeks to release the cellular effects of long term adrenaline addiction.
The Core Issue: Meditation
belief that meditation is too hard or that you must struggle to attain it
The Core Issue: Perfectionism
tendency to make something complex and convoluted; self-sabotage
The Core Issue: Procrastination
A tendency to make things complicated and difficult creates a need to procrastinate. For releasing the cellular effects of too much adrenaline.


Indian Root is part of the following series or practitioner kits:

Individual Essences Kit

This kit contains our full line of 119 individual flower essences, all of which are described in depth in The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition.

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