Babies and children respond very well to flower essences. To administer them to a child, use four or more drops in a glass of water, four or more times a day. Another powerful way to use them is by placing a few drops on your hands and touching gently the baby or child.

The length of time to use an essence may vary. The general guideline is to use the flower essence for two to three weeks, but you can observe the child’s behavior and use as needed.

It is fine to use up to four or five essences at the same time. For more information about combining flower essences and determining a cycle time, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.

For in-depth information about each of the flower essences mentioned above, see The Alchemy of the Desert – Second Edition.

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List of the Flower Essences Mentioned in this Article

Big Root Jatropha
having a growth spurt, or are not growing fast enough
breathe too fast or too shallowly
Bright Star
has difficulty saying no
Buffalo Gourd
subject to emotional swings
Candy Barrel Cactus
hold on to anger and resentment
Cellular Joy Formula
fear being touched
Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus
have difficulty focusing
Clearing & Releasing Formula
temper tantrums (used together with Violet Curls and Crisis Formula)
Cow Parsnip
overly responsible and lacks the ability to play
Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula
shock, trauma, or excitement
Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula
cry constantly when left with others (use together with Milky Nipple Cactus)
Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula
temper tantrums (used together with Violet Curls and Clearing & Releasing Formula)
Desert Holly
feel stifled by smothering love
Desert Holly
jealous of a new sibling (with Mala Mujer)
Desert Sumac
feel lonely and cut off from others
Evening Star
Fairy Duster
excited, over stimulated and who can’t calm down
Fishhook Cactus
who are afraid of speaking up
Hairy Larkspur
craves sweets or carbohydrates
feel weighted down by shame; harm themselves
wet the bed (with Scorpion Weed and Thurber’s Gilia)
Indian Root
make things hard for themselves and struggle
overly sensitive and delicate
Mala Mujer
jealous of a new sibling (with Desert Holly)
Mexican Shell Flower
wall themselves off from others
Milky Nipple Cactus
weaning, or for those who are fearful and cling to mother; needy of attention or feel neglected; insecure of the love of their parents
Milky Nipple Cactus
cry constantly when left with others (with Crisis Formula)
Mountain Mahogany
comfortable being at home and reluctant to go to school
erupt in uncontrollably strong emotional reactions
Palmer Amaranth
for a baby who refuses to nurse
Purple Mat
reserved, inhibited and use manipulation to get what they want
Sacred Datura
moving: have difficulty changing home or school
Saguaro Cactus
give up easily; disobedient and talk back; insists, “I can’t!”
Scorpion Weed
fear: afraid of imaginary monsters; afraid of making mistakes
Scorpion Weed
wet the bed (with Inmortal and Thurber’s Gilia)
Scorpion Weed
afraid of the dark (with Thurber’s Gillia)
Sow Thistle
socially inappropriate or obnoxious
Soaptree Yucca
Spanish Bayonet Yucca
afraid to face a challenge
Star Evening Primrose
feel angry or resentful and blame others for it
Sonoran Rainbow Cactus
expect things to go wrong
Syrian Rue
Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus
frustrated or impatient with their growth
Thurber's Gilia
fear: paralyzed by their fears
Thurber's Gilia
wet the bed (with Inmortal and Scorpion Weed)
Thurber's Gilia
afraid of the dark (with Scorpion Weed)
Violet Curls
temper tantrums (with Clearing & Releasing Formula and Crisis Formula
experience energy ups and down
Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus
exhausted but cannot sleep
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