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Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 4 PM Arizona Time

90-minute online workshop
with Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer

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Latest News

The Essence of Self-Empowerment is back!

This book shows how flower essences can help you discover what you really want, find your uniqueness, liberate yourself from fear, free yourself from addictions, resolve regret and guilt, and take responsibility for yourself.

New Book!


This books describes in detail each of the five elements and discuss how you can use the corresponding Desert Alchemy® element formulas to create harmony and a sense of well-being.

The Flower Cards are back!

The set of 119 cards with exquisite photographs of Desert Alchemy flower essences is back in stock. The flower cards can be used to select appropriate flower essences for yourself and others, or they can be used to illustrate flower essences you have chosen using any other method of selection.

The Expanded Cross Reference is back!

The Desert Alchemy Expanded Cross Reference is back in stock. Not just a list of flower essences, each entry has been carefully culled to give you an easy-to-use reference guide for selecting flower essences. Look up a state of being and the entry shows the fine differences between the recommended flower essences so you can pinpoint the precise one for your need.

Updated Article!

Using Flower Essences with Pets

We updated our article on using flower essences with pets with a mini cross reference.

Read the article here

The Essence of the Year 2023

The Essence of the Year 2023 is Queen of the Night Cactus. A special night-blooming cactus flower that thrives in the darkness of night holds great support for going inside and hearing your own deepest wisdom.
Read the article here.

About Us

We produce quality flower essences from the unique plants of the Arizona deserts, and make them available to holistic health practitioners and self-help users.

As pioneers of desert flower essences, our extensive research began in 1983 and continues today. Our publications are dedicated to sharing this research with others.

We provide flower essence therapy courses to health practitioners and individuals who wish to add flower essences to their repertory of healing tools.

We offer private flower essence consultations to individuals interested in using flower essences for emotional support, attitudinal changes, and self-awareness.
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