Pets and animals respond very well to flower essences. To administer them to an animal, use four or more drops in the animal’s drinking water, four or more times a day. For horses or other large animals, use ten to twenty drops at a time. Another powerful way to use them is by placing a few drops on your hands and stroking the animal down the spine or other parts of the body.

The length of time to use an essence may vary. A guideline is to use the flower essence for two to three weeks and observe the animal’s behavior.

It is fine to use up to four or five essences at the same time. For more information about combining flower essences and determining a cycle time, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.

For in-depth information about each of the flower essences mentioned below, see The Alchemy of the Desert – Second Edition.

Recommended Flower Essences

Big Root Jatropha
This essence can be used to help an animal assimilate information during training.
Black Locust
For uncompromising pets that exhibit stubborn determination and disregard for others. It may be used together with Wild Buckwheat for introducing a new pet into a household with others.
Cane Cholla Cactus
For overly defensive behavior, it helps pets have a new perspective of a situation.
Cellular Joy Formula
Use this formula for releasing the cellular effects of physical abuse or physically traumatic events.
Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus
Another essence to help pets during training, this essence supports focus and attention span.
Coral Bean
Animals that have been abused may expect the same treatment again and again. This essence can help an animal change its expectation of people and situations that in the past were dangerous.
Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula
Used for all upsetting situations, this composite formula helps keep animals calm. It is excellent for recovery from shock and trauma.
Desert Holly
For pets that run away from loving attention.
Desert Sumac
For pets that were abused or mal-treated, this essence helps them build trust and a sense of connection to people.
Fairy Duster
For “high strung”, nervous pets or animals, this essence can be calming and soothing.
Mala Mujer
For pets that exhibit jealousy, either of a baby, a certain person or another pet or animal. It is also excellent for ill-tempered animals.
Use this essence for pets that long for a departed loved one.
Milky Nipple Cactus
For animals and pets that had weaning problems or did not suckle. Use this essence for all pets who have been abandoned.
Mountain Mahogany
For pets that are too agressive.
Prickly Pear Cactus
To help an animal adapt to a new environment or adjust to a new situation.
Scorpion Weed
For fear of a specific thing, such as thunder, a rope, or a particular person.
Sow Thistle
For pets and animals with obnoxious or domineering behavior.
Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus
For apprehensive, fearful or distrustful animals, especially during or after a move to a new home.
For apprehensive, fearful or distrustful animals, especially during or after a move to a new home.
Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus
Use this essence for pets that are tentative in bonding with a new person or pet.
Thurber's Gilia
For fear, especially the kind that paralyzes or freezes an animal in inaction.
Transitions Formula
Change and transitions can be upsetting and disorienting for pets. This composite formula helps them handle change with ease.
Wild Buckwheat
For the pet with a “prima dona” attitude, this essence supports blending with others and getting along.
Wild Woman Formula
This essence can be used to help tame feral cats or other wild animals when appropriate.
Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus
For revitalization and regeneration of energy, especially if the animal has been overworked or exhausted. It is also excellent during recovery from a physical illness.
Desert Alchemy