Wild Woman Formula

Essence Type: Composite Formula

Flower Essence Description

The wild woman within each of us is a great benefit as long as she has the opportunity to express herself. If we continuously lock her up in a cage, she explodes and breaks free in ways that may not be in our best interests. Given the freedom to express herself, she is a force of pure and powerful energy that knows her own self-healing power.

Contains: Arroyo Willow, Day Lily.

Indicated When

  • I am unable to let myself do things spontaneously.
  • The idea of letting myself scream at the top of my lungs is frightening to me or seems stupid.
  • I must always appear polite and socially correct.
  • I feel that there is a part of myself that has been [held down/unaccepted/held back/inhibited] and wants liberation.

How to use and related questions


Wild Woman Formula is related to the following keywords:

adolescenceaggressionapathyappropriateauthorityautonomyconfidencecontrolcouragecreativityculturaldarkdelightdenialdependentdepleteddepressiondesiresdeterminationdisconnecteddominationegoemotional expressionemotional paralysisfearfeminineflexibilityfreedomgroundedinadequacyincompleteinhibitedinsecurityintensitylimitationmoderationmotivationmundaneoverreactoverwhelmedpanicpatternsplaypower strugglesrepressionresistancerevitalizationrigidityriskingsecurityself-acceptanceself-empowermentself-expressionself-neglectsensualityseriousnesssexual abusesexualityshamesimplicityspontaneitystrengthsubconsciousterrorunexpressedunloadingunraveledvitalitywake upwillwill to live


Wild Woman Formula is mentioned in the following core-issue articles:

The Core Issue: Apathy
being overly compliant with societal convention in your thinking and perceiving squelches creativity and joy
The Core Issue: Flexibility
being over-controlled by societal conditioning or a self-imposed inflexible concept of self
The Core Issue: Insecurity
For those who feel insecure with their ability to handle sudden or spontaneous events, or for those who are afraid of their own spontaneous expression.
Using Flower Essences with Pets and Other Animals
This essence can be used to help tame feral cats or other wild animals when appropriate.
The Core Issue: Self-expression
needing to let go of a too highly "held in check" attitude
The Core Issue: Seriousness
inability to let loose and be spontaneous
The Core Issue: Subconscious Causations
for discovering patterns that are hidden beneath layers of societal conditioning


Wild Woman Formula is part of the following series or practitioner kits:

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A selection of 14 composite formulas that support and celebrate our inner feminine qualities. Used by men and women alike.

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Feminine-Masculine Harmony Kit

The purpose of these flower essences is to support awareness of and enhance our inner feminine and inner masculine qualities.

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