Subconscious Causations

Flower essences that reveal and release underlying reasons for repeating life problems.

subconscious causations

  1. reasons that we do things that we cannot consciously see or understand

Recently I was asked what flower essences can be used for insight into the subconscious reasons why we create repetitive problems in life. When we can identify what draws us to repeat difficult situations in life, we come a great distance in changing our behaviors and our perspective on life.

There are probably as many causations for our behaviors as there are situations, but there are flower essences that can gently create an inner environment for consciously changing the patterns, no matter what their source.

I think that we are individual beings who have chosen to take a journey of understanding ourselves by being born into human life. There are certain things that we came here to experience, digest, and understand. There are ancient Sanskrit texts that describe this process in great detail, but what is important is that what is buried in the subconscious helps pull us in specific directions as we live, grow, and transform ourselves.

When we are at ease with the general movement of life, we don’t tend to move outside the boundaries of our comfort. Yet when an inner imperative prompts us to move in an oftentimes uncomfortable direction, we ultimately stretch ourselves into a greater shape.

Of what are these mysterious promptings made? What are their origins? The process of bringing what is unconscious into awareness can be exciting and fulfilling and it ultimately helps us know ourselves more fully. When we understand why we are creating certain situations over and over, problems can become projects and difficulty can transform into a fascinating process of discovery. Let’s look at a few flower essences that support us in the process of bringing what is buried in the subconscious into the light of understanding.

Awareness Rising

The first time you discover a pattern that had been unconscious rise into conscious awareness is amazing. The recognition that you have had an entrenched way of perceiving something without really seeing it, and then clearly knowing that this has been going on for some time, can seem astounding. Tarbush flower essence is for deeply imprinted assumptions or beliefs that are limiting your growth but that you cannot see.


Tarbush helps us see a pattern or thought that has been holding us back from making changes in our lives. We become aware of thoughts that keep us stuck in manifesting the same old thing, over and over again.

Often we have become resigned to accepting certain things in our lives as limitations. We may attempt to change something that we don’t like in our lives, but because we have not been successful in the past, we become resigned to things being just the way they are. Sometimes we are conscious of our attitudes but we are too stubborn to change them.

This flower essence not only helps unconscious patterns arise, it also supports you to strengthen your motivation to change something that has been holding you back. It can show you the old patterns and help create fertile ground for a new perspective to flourish.

I remember at one point many years ago that I always had difficulty coming up with the monthly rental payment for my home. Even though I knew it was a monthly expense, and I could manage my other expenses, when the time came to make this important payment, it was always a challenge. In frustration, I asked my inner guidance to help me find flower essences that would help me solve this dilemma.

Tarbush was indicated and two days after I started taking it, I suddenly heard within, “I want Daddy to pay the rent!”. I was amazed to clearly hear this pattern, yet I immediately realized that it was a desire that played over and over just under my conscious awareness. I wanted Daddy’s love and attention as I remembered his promise that no matter how difficult life became, he would always provide a home for me.

Tarbush had helped this little bomb of awareness explode into consciousness, and it also helped me to be able to see a fresh new perspective: that my inner child wanted some fathering as I responsibly went about the business of providing myself with the financial resources to pay my monthly rent.

Deeply Held Emotion


Sometimes old patterns or motivations are rooted in deeply held old emotions that you have not resolved, whether from present or past lives. Rainbow Cactus flower essence is like a search light, taking you deeply inside yourself and illuminating old held-in emotion or old causations from past lives. Whether you were previously aware of it doesn’t matter. It searches for the causation.

Rainbow Cactus accelerates your ability to face and let go of old petrified emotion without becoming embroiled in it. As we simply observe old pain or emotion it transforms into the energy of new possibility.

Emotional Eruptions

Sometimes feelings erupt in an uncontrolled way. You might be in a situation where suddenly, you have a strong emotional reaction that far outweighs the actual situation at hand. When old feelings are buried, something in the present can trigger them so that you express something that is rooted in a past. For some reason, the time is right for these feelings to come out. It is called, “getting your buttons pushed”, or emotional reactivity.

It can be disconcerting to have old feelings erupt in this way. You never know exactly when you will overreact to something and it can leave you feeling out of control.


Ocotillo flower essence is excellent for helping you when your buttons are pushed. It helps you access the old experience so you can examine it to find the source of your emotional outburst. Then you are able to respond to the present situation in an appropriate way. You become able to respond, rather than react, in a situation. It also helps you to overcome the feeling that you are being victimized by these eruptions.

Tightly Held In Check

Sometimes, in order to feel successful in managing life, you organize all the elements to keep it well-functioning. Your capacity to keep it all together becomes more important than the feeling of freedom and spontaneity. In order to be societally correct, you cover up your natural impulses and sooner or later life begins to take on a lackluster feeling in spite of having it all together.

The Wild Woman Formula is like a breath of fresh air within you. It can help you discover patterns that are hidden beneath layers of societal conditioning, freeing you to think different and to step outside too much “appropriateness”. Sometimes claiming your own unique responses is a way of going beyond unconscious causation, and this is the flower essence to help.

Now I see it, what do I do with it?


Whitethorn flower essence works in a different way with the source of unconscious causations. It helps you once you do see the pattern, but you feel powerless to do anything about it. Whitethorn can help when you observe yourself acting out the old behavior, even though you know that you want to change it.

Self-acceptance is one of the qualities that Whitethorn brings. This flower essence helps your thinking move in new, innovative directions. It supports you in being more gentle with yourself as you find the missing piece that moves you in a new direction.

One or more of these five flower essences, used alone or together, can help you uncover subconscious causations and create the inner awareness to allow yourself a fresh and vital approach to problems or difficulties you find yourself creating.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Flower Essences

Not every flower essence mentioned above will be appropriate for every person’s specific needs. Different people have different issues. Usually, careful self-examination can clearly show you which of the above flower essences are most appropriate for you.

Though you can use more than one flower essence together, you probably will not need to use all of the ones mentioned here. After contemplating your relationship to this issue, select the flower essences that apply for you, or use an intuitive method to select among them. (For more information on how to do this, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.) A general guideline is to use four drops at a time, four times a day, in water. However, it is fine to follow your intuition and use them as often as you like. Most people find that they tend to use them more often in the beginning and less often towards the end of the cycle. Unless otherwise indicated, a cycle is usually two to four weeks. [more]

For information on how to clearly evaluate the effects of the essences you have used, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.

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