Mala Mujer

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: white


Flower Essence Description

Mala Mujer helps the positive expression of feminine qualities, releasing emotional tensions and bringing a lighter, more honest quality to our overall self-expression. It is for when we are bitchy, venomous, shrewish, or grouchy. (Guys! This means you too!)

Harmonizing Qualities

  • transformation of the inner feminine aspects from their negative to their positive aspects
  • frees emotional expression
  • release of emotional tensions, bringing a lighter, more honest quality to your overall self-expression
  • stimulates your maternal, nurturing instincts in caring for others
  • releasing fear patterns
  • loosening, letting go
  • deep calming for nervous tension
  • giving birth to the self

Patterns of Imbalance

  • experiencing and expressing your feminine aspects in a negative manner
  • fear of your deep or powerful emotions
  • crabby, bitchy disposition
  • superficial emotionality (saying things you don’t really mean or feel)
  • tough or shrewish exterior covering a feeling-filled interior world
  • selfishness
  • fear of your shortcomings and inadequacies
  • emotional paralysis based on deep level fears
  • feeling insecure because of your own or someone else’s erratic behavior
  • spiny relationships with people
  • pre-menstrual syndrome or hormonal type patterns

How to use and related questions


Mala Mujer is related to the following keywords:

angerbitchycrabbydenialdifficultyerraticexcitabilityfearfemininefrenzygloomyhonestyimpatienceinsecuritymothernegativenervousneedynurturanceparanoiapessimismpossessiveprojectionragereleaseselfishsuperficialtensiontoughtransformationcriticaljealousoptimismtruthunexpresseddestructivehardnesshateirritablemalevolencemoodygossipadolescenceextremeemotional expressionpre-menstrual syndromeshadow sideemotional paralysis


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