Star Evening Primrose

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: pale yellow


Flower Essence Description

An excellent essence for those of us with a poor self image, Star Evening Primrose is helpful if we blame our negative feelings on an outside source while simultaneously denying such feelings exist. It is also for those of us who are confused about sexuality and spirituality, or who repress sensuality and put energy into occult, mystical or mental pursuits.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • purity
  • clarity of purpose
  • knowing your inherent beauty
  • loosening, relaxing, feeling joy and beauty in yourself
  • feeling a sense of belonging and gentle sharing
  • experiencing a great sense of inner worth and self-esteem
  • recognition that your negative outer circumstances are reflecting your own inner negativity
  • transforming emotional negativity through the understanding that you have a freedom of emotional response which is not dictated by outer conditions

Patterns of Imbalance

  • confusion about spirituality-sexuality
  • self-consciousness
  • self-judgment
  • repressing femininity and sensuality and putting energy into occult, mystical, or mental pursuits instead
  • denial of the body
  • awkwardness
  • incompleteness in trying to express yourself
  • trying to be a spiritual receiver but denial of body and sexuality blocks it
  • feeling angry or resentful, but blaming your negativity on some external source
  • feeling emotionally controlled by another person or situation
  • brooding on your negative feelings, often while disclaiming outwardly that they even exist

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