Angelic Awareness Kit

Flower Essences for Angelic Awakening & Empowerment

This is a series of flower essences we created together with Solara.

Solara is the author of several well-loved metaphysical books including, Invoking Your Celestial Guardians, The Legend of Altazar, 11:11- Inside the Doorway, and How to Live Large on a Small Planet.

In her capacity as a Messenger to Humanity from the Golden Angels, Solara travels extensively throughout the world giving lectures and workshops on Angelic Awakening and Empowerment. In these experiences, the Golden Angels are contacted, anchored and aligned within the third dimensional body. This is the breakthrough into multi-dimensional awareness that truly transforms lives. By reactivating the pre-encoded cellular memories, and reawakening the star lineage, we are assisted in remembering and fulfilling our Divine Purpose.

These flower essence formulas were specially created for my workshops on Angelic Awakening and are now available for the first time to everyone. I have used these flower essences since 1987 in my work with hundreds of people and find them both gentle and extremely effective. They are prepared by Desert Alchemy with integrity and purity of Spirit. They truly aid and accelerate the process of reuniting with our Higher Selves so we may more fully embody our higher Presence here on earth. I highly recommend them to everyone ready to make the quantum leap into multi-dimensional awareness.


The purpose of these flower essences is to support us in awakening to angelic presence and working in co-operation to fulfill our divine purpose on the earth.

Although you can use any of these flower essences on their own or combined with other essences, many people have found that by using them in the following order they had the very best success with the process of angelic awakening.

  1. Aligning with Higher Self Formula
  2. Recognizing & Releasing Judgement & Denial Formula
  3. Unsealing the Akashic Records Formula
  4. Remembering & Releasing Formula
  5. Invoking Your Celestial Guardians Formula
  6. Activation Formula
  7. Empowerment Formula
  8. Initiation into Angelic Awareness Formula
  9. Integration Formula
  10. Angel Love Formula
  11. Golden Star Anchor Formula
  12. Remembering Starry Origins Formula
  13. Reuniting the Star Fragments Formula
  14. Fulfilling Your Divine Mission Formula
  15. Unification of the Polarities Formula
  16. Group Initiation Formula
  17. 11:11 Formula

Each essence has been empowered by the success of many people around the world in attaining angelic awareness, as well as by the Nature Kingdom through each flower contained in the formulas.

Kit Contents

This kit contains the following 17 flower essences in 10 mL (1/3 fl. oz.) stock bottles:

11:11 Formula

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed within our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter. When activated, it signifies that a time of completion is near. This formula is on going support for remaining balanced and in harmony with the energy of the new octave. It helps us to anchor divine energy into our mundane or worldly existence.

Activation Formula

Once your Angel is present, this essence activates the contact and lets your Angel know that you are ready to experience its Presence. This is how we ask to experience the quickening of spirit in matter.

Aligning with Higher Self Formula

This is a good starting space. It begins to expand your perceptions and enlarge your internal grid system so that your Higher Self will be able to move into your third dimensional field. By consciously aligning with our Higher Self we empower the angelic realm to support us.

Angel Love Formula

Now that you know how magnificent your Golden Angel is, this essence enables you to see in your mirror that you are the Angel! This essence promotes self love and acceptance that you are worthy of being a shining being of Light.

Empowerment Formula

This facilitates the alignment with your Golden Angel as you know who you truly are. Empowerment is the process of authorizing the union of the angelic and human together.

Fulfilling Your Divine Mission Formula

This formula helps us in being all that we can be, embodying our Truth, doing what we chose to do here, so that we can be fulfilled and complete in order to return to the Oneness.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

The Golden Star ever above you could also be termed God, home, the Oneness. This essence brings in that Golden Light, sending it throughout your body and anchors it in your toes.

Group Initiation Formula

This is the sacred merger into the One. It helps us to acknowledge the angel in others and to work together for the highest good of all.

Initiation into Angelic Awareness Formula

The merger is made between you and your Golden Angel. This is like a Divine Marriage or sacred reunion.

Integration Formula

This essence brings anchoring and integration of the multi-dimensional frequencies throughout your being. It facilitates balance and grounding.

Invoking Celestial Guardians Formula

This one calls in the Presence of your Golden Angel. Only by consciously invoking our celestial guardians do we give them permission to help us. Perhaps the only obstacle to receiving support is in forgetting to ask for help.

Recognizing & Releasing Judgment & Denial Formula

We could all bathe in this one on occasion! Judgment and denial are the barriers that often keep us from awareness of our Higher Self. These barriers keep us from successful relationships with humans as well as with the angelic realm.

Remembering & Releasing Formula

This is very effective used in conjunction with the Akashic Records Formula. This one aids our retrieval of what we have remembered. Of course, after remembering, we must release in order to become free.

Remembering Starry Origins Formula

Use this essence if you want to remember what roads you traveled to come here from the Oneness. Of course, don’t forget to release after you remember. We are retracing our footprints so we can go home, not stop in the steps along the path.

Reuniting Star Fragments Formula

As we reactivate our star lineage, we can begin to merge together our fragments of star. Don’t forget that the glue is love!

Unification of the Polarities Formula

This is for bringing our internal and external male and female into balance and wholeness.

Unsealing the Akashic Records Formula

A great essence that opens the doors of what we thought we had forgotten wherein the Akashic Records become accessible. Goes well with the Remembering and Releasing Formula.

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