Organ Pipe Cactus

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: white


Flower Essence Description

This cactus helps us survive the dark night of the soul wherein we question our foundations for being. It supports in dealing with mundane aspects of our lives while we allow deep transformation to take place.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • feeling a deep inner connection with all of humanity as family
  • enhances your ability to be responsible for the human, physical aspects of life
  • strengthens your grounded, practical side through strengthening the energy extended in your daily sphere of influence

Patterns of Imbalance

  • feeling unable to be responsible for your daily life or physical existence
  • experiencing a “dark night of the soul” where all of your foundations of existence are being questioned within you and a sense of disconnectedness from humanity exists

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capabilityconnectiondarkdisconnectedfamilyfoundationgroundedhumanitystrengthirresponsiblemundanepracticalresponsibleunableneedshuman love


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Individual Essences Kit

This kit contains our full line of 119 individual flower essences, all of which are described in depth in The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition.

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