Essence of the Year 2017

Cynthia has huddled with desert nature devas to find a universally applicable flower essence for all of us that can harmonize our human experience in 2017 and Organ Pipe Cactus was indicated.


Organ Pipe Cactus is a vitally important flower essence because it supports you in being able to engage in mundane, daily events while simultaneously nurturing and expanding consciousness through personally transformative processes within. It is often indicated when deep inner shifting and foundational changing is taking place and you may fear that engaging in worldly tasks may pull you away from its delicate movement.

Often indicated for a time when you question the foundation or underpinnings of your life, this flower essence is important to help you allow deep inner looking, which may leave you wishing you were cloistered in a monastery or ashram and didn’t have to deal with fending for yourself, earning a living, or even interacting with others.

Sometimes painful, but always ultimately rewarding, this is an important time to connect with what actions will bring your soul contentment. This time of deep inner looking may leave you feeling as if you are cut off from others, alienated from society or disconnected with humanity.


Instead of needing to isolate yourself from others in order to honor your inner journey, Organ Pipe Cactus helps you feel energetically connected with humanity and able to handle the practicalities of life simultaneously. It is possible to be responsible for your daily life while still connected to your inner processes, and Organ Pipe Cactus brings this harmonious state.

Now is a time when we are asked to anchor light, consciousness, and a higher perspective in a way we have never before. Organ Pipe Cactus can help you stay with the process of determining your direction as you continue to evolve in your mundane life. The flower essence helps you feel that you can capably reconcile heaven and earth within you.

The message of Organ Pipe Cactus is clear: you can process deep internal changes and at the same time take care of your responsibilities in the outside world.

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