Wind & Storm Formula

Essence Type: Composite Formula

Flower Essence Description

Wind & Storm Formula helps us flow with situations rather than demanding control over them. It is useful when we need an essence for allowing changes or chaos to flow through us without resisting or becoming rigid. This essence restores our balance if we are frenetic or out-of-control and we find appropriate response to life situations.

Contains: Bouvardia, Fishhook Cactus, Sow Thistle.

Indicated When

  • Change and chaos are very hard for me to accept.
  • I become completely disoriented during times of change or when things are unpredictable.
  • I am addicted to excitement and adrenaline.

How to use and related questions


Wind & Storm Formula is related to the following keywords:

acceptanceadaptabilityadjustmentadrenalineagitationchangedisintegrationdisordereddisorientationeffortingenergy distributionerraticexcitabilityflexibilityfreedomgratificationharmonyhypersensitiveimpatiencein the momentinflexiblenegativeobstaclesopen-mindedperfectionismpushingredistributionresistancerigidityrushingscatteredshatteredspontaneitystabilitysteadfaststeadinesstrying tounwilling


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