Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula

Essence Type: Composite Formula

Flower Essence Description

This is a formula to assist our awareness of how to make and honor healthy boundaries: to be able to interact with others without becoming enmeshed with their perceptions of who we are; to be able to give others the information necessary so that they will respect and honor us; and to facilitate removing walls of alienation.

Contains: A Way to the Elf Formula, Oleander, Thurber's Gilia.

Indicated When

  • I find that other people do not respect me.
  • Sometimes I do things that do not respect others.
  • I snoop in other people’s things.
  • I tend to do too much for others.
  • I am a care-giver and I need to allow others to take back their ability to care for themselves.
  • I have difficulty knowing where I stop and another begins.
  • I know what’s best for my [mate/child/friend/etc.].
  • I have recently been ill and needed care but now I need to take back my ability to care for myself.
  • I am having difficulty in letting my [child/mate/friend/etc.] be independent.

How to use and related questions


Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula is related to the following keywords:

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Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula is mentioned in the following core-issue articles:

The Core Issue: Assimilation
Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula can help when assimilation is blocked by boundaries that are too rigid and limiting
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don't like a particular person
The Core Issue: Boundaries
The main flower essence for all issues around boundaries. Also known as the "crisis formula" for relationship issues
The Core Issue: Emotional/Mental Self-Care
The foundation essence for creating supportive relationships
The Core Issue: Flexibility
for those who are too flexible or too easily influenced by others
The Core Issue: Overwhelm
assists you in evaluating your needs, making choices that support your higher good, and communicating them to others
The Core Issue: Travel Concerns
challenges making boundaries in any type of situation; difficulty knowing your needs and making sure they are met; annoyance when others don't give you private space; in close contact with someone who is ill; "taking on" energy from others (used together with Clearing & Releasing Formula); taking on more than you can handle (used together with Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus); falling into old behavioral patterns especially when visiting family or people from your past (used together with Crisis - Desert Emergency Formula)


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