The Travel Kit is a small and convenient set of flower essences that are easy to take along in your diaper bag. Any trip outside the home can feel like major travel, but having these essential flower essences along, you can be prepared for almost anything. The essences can provide relief from a baby’s (or mother’s) distress, in myriad situations. Here are just a few ways to use the Travel Kit with babies.

Calming the Nervous System


Babies are stimulated by new things around them and may become irritable when they have had enough. Fairy Duster flower essence is excellent to use as it calms and soothes the nervous system. It is very important to allow a baby plenty of time to integrate after being stimulated. We may not always be aware of the great impact the world has on a little one. Fairy Duster can calm and provide the inner space a little one needs for integrating all he or she is experiencing.

Difficulty Sleeping

Difficulty sleeping often happens when an infant or child has become overstimulated. Fairy Duster used together with Remembering Starry Origins is excellent for supporting a child to sleep. Remembering Starry Origins provides an extra feeling of security for the little one.


If a baby or child can’t sleep because he or she is exhausted, use Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus. This is the essence of regeneration. It supports going beyond exhaustion directly into sleep. Using Remembering Starry Origins together is recommended for the added feeling of security.

Sometimes an infant or child won’t sleep because he or she is in a new or strange environment or there are folks around that are unfamiliar. You can use Prickly Pear Cactus, Fairy Duster and Remembering Starry Origins Formula together.

Adapting to New Places and People


Prickly Pear Cactus helps children adapt more easily to new places, people, or situations. It is wonderful to use if your child has a new babysitter or daycare person, or a new routine or schedule.

Emotional Soothing

Cranky children can be helped with the Crisis – Desert Emergency Formula. This essence calms and usually helps a child quickly pass through whatever emotional difficulty is causing the crankiness. It often inspires patience when a child has lost it.

When a baby or child is fed up and just can’t be placated, use Crisis – Desert Emergency Formula. It is also excellent for temper tantrums. For either situation, using the essence on your hands and then stroking the child, or misting the area around the child may have dramatic results within a few minutes.

Sometimes a temper tantrum is helped by adding Clearing and Releasing Formula to the Crisis – Desert Emergency Formula. Children and babies tend to “take on” the emotional environment, so using this formula together may release the child from expressing others’ emotions.

For children or babies that become bored, use Crisis – Desert Emergency Formula.

Boundary Support

Children and babies have likes and dislikes when it comes to people. Supporting their instinctual feelings about people is important. I have often seen adults pick up a baby without being aware whether the child want to be held right then or not. Making and Honoring Boundaries Formula is excellent if others do not respect the child’s desire for space.

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