Universe Handles the Details Formula

Essence Type: Composite Formula

Flower Essence Description

Giving up the need to personally control the details of life is a liberating experience. Surrendering personal will to the direction of universal will is the theme of this flower essence combination.

Contains: Desert Broom, Wolfberry.

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Universe Handles the Details Formula is related to the following keywords:

blockedburdenedburn-outcomplexitydetailsdifficultydisintegrationdisordereddisorientationeffortingempoweringexpecting things to go wrongfearfrustrationgratificationimpatiencenon-attachmentopen-mindedoptimismoverviewoverwhelmedparanoiapersonal willpower strugglespracticalpushingreorganizationresponsiblerushingself-empowermentstrengthstrugglesurrendertimeunableuniversal timinguniversal willwillworkworry


Universe Handles the Details Formula is mentioned in the following core-issue articles:

The Core Issue: Frustration
helps you let go of your need to have everything the way you think it should be (control issues) and surrender to Universal timing and a greater overview of events as they unfold


Universe Handles the Details Formula is included in the following practitioner kits:

Composite Formulas Kit

This kit includes our well-known line of 47 composite formulas that have in-depth descriptions in The Alchemy of the Desert – Second Edition.