Red-Orange Epiphyllum

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: red-orange


Flower Essence Description

This essence facilitates grounding of Goddess energy into worldly existence. An excellent essence for manifestation.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • when there is great spiritual energy ready to be anchored into the world, this essence helps the process of manifestation
  • facilitates grounding of the Goddess energy into worldly existence
  • being in the world but not of it
  • excellent for transits or aspects of Neptune

Patterns of Imbalance

  • being spaced out and ungrounded during times of heightened energetic shifts
  • floating off into the beautiful, formless realms while ignoring the practical realities
  • Neptunian transits or strong Neptune aspects (astrology)

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This kit contains our full line of 119 individual flower essences, all of which are described in depth in The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition.

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