Birdcage Evening Primrose

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: white


Flower Essence Description

Birdcage Evening Primrose is for those who are overly influenced by what others think is right for them. It helps us see through other’s projected images and ideals to realize forms of self-expression that are in harmony with our essential nature. It enhances belief in ourselves and discernment of our own unique soul pattern.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • clear discernment of your unique soul pattern and purpose
  • helpful in making decisions or selecting forms of self-expression which are in harmony with your inner nature
  • helps you see through projected images and ideals of self to discover your essential nature and truth
  • trusting, valuing and “believing” in yourself
  • changes the pattern “I’m no good” to “I’m perfect just as I am”
  • for working with your relationship to yourself
  • opening the channel to Self

Patterns of Imbalance

  • having some concept of self but not contacting it
  • overly influenced by ideals that you or others have created but which do not necessarily fit your deeper nature
  • seeking outside sources for guidance or self-validation (believing that someone else knows what’s best for you)
  • self-esteem issues
  • self-doubt or confusion based upon difficulty in clearly discerning what actions or expressions are in harmony with your essential nature

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