Five flower essences that help you uncover, define,
and use your purpose in daily life


  1. the reason for which something is done or for which something exists
  2. a person’s sense of resolve or determination

Your life purpose may seem as if it is an elusive thing. The dictionary defines purpose as the reason for which something exists or is done. Some of us feel that since no one ever told us why we exist, it is impossible to comprehend. You may feel helpless for not knowing or understanding your life purpose. However, the dictionary goes on in its definition to say that purpose is an intended or desired result, aim, end or goal. It puts the power to define your purpose right into your own hands.

When you begin a project you need to define what it is you want to achieve before you begin. In this way you can measure your progress and make any desired changes so that you can reach your goal. Knowing your purpose gives you an anchoring point, a reference from which you can make decisions, plan actions and measure your progress.

At some point in your life you begin to ask yourself, “What is my life purpose? Why am I here?” Your whole life is an exploration of these intimate questions. When you consciously explore what you intend and desire your life to be, you are connecting with your purpose. You may find that your life purpose changes as you evolve and as your intention and desires change.

One of the most important aspects of defining your purpose is that it is not a mission statement filled with action steps that you want to do. Life has plenty of to-do’s without adding more of them. When you define your purpose, it is essential to include how you want to feel. When you define the feeling state that you wish to have, it becomes intuitively obvious what the action steps will be. It also honors the feeling side of your nature and gives it equal importance with what your mind thinks.

Following are five flower essences that help with understanding, defining and using your purpose, whether it is your life purpose or your purpose for a project or specific period of time. You can use any one of these essences on its own or with any of the others according to your specific need. It may be beneficial to start with Connecting with Purpose Formula and add one or more of the others as they are needed.

Connecting with Purpose Formula

This flower essence formula helps you recognize and define your purpose. Once you define your purpose, you can use it as a guideline as you go about your day. When you are faced with making any kind of decision, if you remember your purpose, you will more easily know which decision to make. Those who do not have a sense of purpose are like a boat tossed about aimlessly in the sea. When you remember your purpose it can support you in each decision you make.

For in-depth information and an exercise on how to recognize and define your purpose, please see “The Alchemy of the Desert – Second Edition“, page 366.

Birdcage Evening Primrose

Each of us has our own unique soul pattern and purpose. Yet many of us turn to people and things outside us for guidance about what is right for us. Birdcage Evening Primrose flower essence is excellent when you are confused about what you “should” do. It helps you see through others’ projections of what they think is right for you and turn within yourself to where the true answers reside.


This essence is a great help for recognizing patterns and ideals that have been suggested to us,or projected upon us, by others. We have been conditioned by our families and teachers to think of ourselves in certain ways. This essence can help us see clearly which of our thoughts and ideas were planted there by others. We can free ourselves from things that are not in alignment with who we really are. Birdcage Evening Primrose helps us trust and value our deepest impulses. When we do, we can begin to create our lives in harmony with our soul.

Indigo Bush

When you have a sense of purpose, you feel inspired, satisfied, and fulfilled. Yet oftentimes you make decisions based upon what your mind thinks is best and you forget to include your spiritual needs in the decision. Indigo Bush flower essence helps you unify a clear mind with your spiritual goals.


Indigo Bush brings us clarity and focus. It is like a wake up call, especially if we are experiencing a lack of vitality and focus in the direction we are going in our lives. This essence helps us evaluate and create a direction for ourselves.

Indigo Bush is excellent for those of us who have attempted to create direction in our lives through a mental focus that excludes a more spiritual perspective. When we do this, we may find our lives dry, lackluster and uninspired. This essence supports us in examining our spiritual goals and seeing how they can be grounded into our daily life. It brings the light of clear seeing into areas where we may be lacking the vibrancy of spiritual perspective.

This essence helps us mature. As we focus on higher goals and aims for our lives, the quality of our daily existence becomes permeated with richness. We feel the rightness of ourselves and of life as we blossom into the detachment and clarity that brings centeredness.

Cliff Rose


Cliff Rose can bring support for those who always mean to manifest their purpose or a project but never manage to take the steps required. If you lack clarity about your intention, you cannot follow through with things.

This essence can help you find clarity with your intention. What do you realistically intend to do? Even if you are jazzed by an idea, it doesn’t mean that you have the emotional or physical energy to put it into manifested form. Cliff Rose helps you sort out what you realistically intend to do.

This flower essence can support you in remaining connected to your Higher Self while you bring its quality into your daily life. Once you are clear about your purpose and intention, it can help you unite your will, your intention and your power to act.



Hoptree flower essence helps you stay focused on your purpose. When distractions or other people’s needs clamor for your attention, it requires steadiness to decide if you need to allow yourself to be sidetracked.

This flower essence helps us to find a proper balance between controlling situations and making healthy boundaries with others. It is wonderful when you become distracted by another person’s needs and lose sight of what is most important for your own highest good. Hoptree helps you keep your purpose in mind as you deal with daily situations and make the choices that support your higher good.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Flower Essences

Not every flower essence mentioned above will be appropriate for every person’s specific needs. Usually, careful self-examination can clearly show you which of the above flower essences are most relevant for your situation.

Though you can use more than one flower essence together, you probably will not need to use all of the ones mentioned here. After contemplating your relationship to this issue, select the flower essences that apply for you, or use an intuitive method to select among them. (For more information on how to do this, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.) A general guideline is to use four drops at a time, four times a day, in water. However, it is fine to follow your intuition and use them as often as you like. Most people find that they tend to use them more often in the beginning and less often towards the end of the cycle. Unless otherwise indicated, a cycle is usually two to four weeks. [more]

For information on how to clearly evaluate the effects of the essences you have used, see The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences.

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