Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: yellow


Flower Essence Description

While gently diffusing old patterns, Camphorweed brings a sense of purpose and appropriateness, helping us to stay on track, feel grounded and bring things into manifestation. It is excellent for when we find ourselves caught up in adrenaline producing situations.

Harmonizing Qualities

Patterns of Imbalance

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Flower Essences for Adolescents
scattered and live on adrenaline
The Core Issue: Exhaustion
For those who are chronically caught up in adrenaline producing situations the essence gently diffuses old patterns, bringing you a more grounded presence. It helps you recognize your gentle nature and soften a more intense approach to life.
The Core Issue: Procrastination
Addiction to difficult situations, drama and adrenaline are at the root of your procrastination.


Camphorweed is part of the following series or practitioner kits:

Individual Essences Kit

This kit contains our full line of 119 individual flower essences, all of which are described in depth in The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition.

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The above information is an excerpt of the book The Alchemy of the Desert - Fourth Edition by Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer. Please refer to that book for in-depth information about this flower essence.

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