Plants & Planets Kit

Using flower essences in conjunction with astrology is a way of assuring that you use the energies represented by the planets in a way that empowers yourself. The essences can help you be responsible for your life and change problems into projects or difficulties into challenges. Alakananda and I researched and developed these formulas over a period of one year. The formulas were then used in our respective practices for several years before making them available to the public.

The essences in this series help create harmony with the issues represented by the symbols of astrology. You can use them individually or by combining them with other essences to create balance. Each essence can be used for either transiting or natal aspects.

For instance, if you have Pluto transiting your second house, you may want to use a combination of Pluto Cycles and the 2nd House – 8th House Formula together.

Another example is if you are experiencing a challenge with Pluto conjunct your sun in the second house of your natal chart. You may want to use a combination of Pluto Cycles, the Sun Formula and the 2nd House-8th House Formula.

An astrology chart contains so much potential for understanding ourselves that at times it can be confusing to know just where to start. If you use an intuitive method for selecting flower essences, you can select essences from the Plants & Planets kit to guide you in looking at a chart. They can help you to pinpoint areas that you might otherwise overlook.

Another way to use these essences is to recognize transiting or natal aspects from your chart and then select the essences that can harmoniously integrate the opportunities represented by them.

Each one of the 26 flower essences formulas in this kit is also available separately.

Kit Contents

This kit contains the following 26 flower essences in 10 mL (1/3 fl. oz.) stock bottles:

1st House-7th House Formula

Identity – Relationship: knowing ourselves and our identity on our own; knowing ourselves in relationship with others; committed or long term relationships.

2nd House-8th House Formula

Trust – Prosperity: our (especially material) values; possessions; what we own personally; what we own collectively or with others.

3rd House-9th House Formula

Knowing – Understanding: our mundane thinking or reality; higher wisdom; our philosophical foundation; short trips; siblings; long journeys.

4th House-10th House Formula

Rooting – Manifesting: our roots; relationship with home; that which helps us feel secure; outer manifestation; how society recognizes us.

5th House-11th House Formula

Personal – Social Creativity: children; art; friends; groups, ways in which we express our creativity; romance.

6th House-12th House Formula

Awakening the Healer Within: our relationship to work; service; health and healing physically and spiritually; unconscious thoughts and patterns; subconscious; collective consciousness.

Air Element Formula

This formula helps balance an excess or deficiency of the characteristics associated with the air (metal) element: intellectual; thinking; logic; aesthetics; ideas; inspiration; original; creative; vision; detached; impersonal; objective; unlimited by form; infinite possibilities; the seed of a new form; flighty; ungrounded; nervous.

Ceres Cycles Formula

the Earth Mother; nurturing; being grounded; how we nurture ourselves and others; our relationship to food; pregnancy; menstruation; birth; relationship between mother and child; woman’s cycles; enmeshment; the ability and capacity to work.

Chiron Cycles Formula

the wounded healer, our deepest wound; how we facilitate healing for others.

Earth Element Formula

This formula helps balance an excess or deficiency of the characteristics associated with the earth element: physical; material; form; structure; the ability to manifest an idea; practical sense; building; determined; holding on; grounded; anchored; stable; cautious; careful; conservative; steady; consistent; slow but sure; stubborn; obstinate; rigid; obsessed.

Fire Element Formula

This formula helps balance an excess or deficiency of the characteristics associated with the fire element: energy; action; transformation; enthusiasm; passion; will; motivation; conviction; the strength to survive; faith; open to direction from your higher power; knowing the source; spirit; burned out; intense; don’t know when to stop.

Galactic Center Formula

a point in the astrology chart that represents the center of our galaxy; presently at about 27ยบ Sagittarius; how we are a mouthpiece for universal energy; the method through which we manifest our higher purpose.

Juno Cycles Formula

the Divine Wife; the principle of relatedness; committed relationships; our relationship to relationship; the ability to make and honor commitments; fear of abandonment; sexuality; betrayal; giving away power; manipulation.

Jupiter Cycles Formula

the principle of expansion; humor; overindulgence.

Mars Cycles Formula

The principle of assertiveness and self-affirmation; the drive for excellence; the desire for independence; the will to survive and to overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Mercury Cycles Formula

The capacity to learn and to make a symbolic representation of the world; the aptitude to communicate and to express ourselves with words, gestures and symbols; our logical and reasoning capabilities; curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Moon Formula

receptivity; emotions; feelings; passivity; our past or childhood; womanhood; the yin principle.

Neptune Cycles Formula

spiritual consciousness; selfless service and sacrifice; substance abuse; transcendence; releasing; oneness; limitless.

Pallas-Athena Cycles Formula

The Goddess of Wisdom; the ability to support ourselves; fear of success and failure; intelligence; healing powers; music; the domestic or practical arts; writing; creative art.

Pluto Cycles Formula

death and rebirth; regeneration; transformation; transmutation; transitions; deep psychological changes.

Saturn Cycles Formula

structure; form; manifestation; limitation; foundation; taskmaster.

Sun Formula

individuality; vitality; personality; the principle of being; physical energy; the archetypal hero; the ability to impose our will on the world; activity; manhood; the yang principle.

Uranus Cycles Formula

change; revolution; rebellion; individuality; uniqueness; sudden insights.

Venus Cycles Formula

The capacity to appreciate and create beauty, harmony, and balance within ourselves and with others; the ability to bond and to establish relationships; love, union, and spontaneous, self-expressive attraction.

Vesta Cycles Formula

the High Priestess; the ability to focus and be steady; our relationship to spirit; our ability to experience something in life and then withdraw to contemplate its significance; alienation; sacrifice; dharma; centeredness; our relationship to sex.

Water Element Formula

This formula helps balance an excess or deficiency of the characteristics associated with the water element: emotional; receptive; feelings; compassion; the unconscious or subconscious; intuitive; cleansing; dissolving; no shape of your own; communication through feelings; holding onto emotions; taking on feelings or emotions of others; strong ties with the past.

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