Earth Element Formula

Essence Type: Composite Formula

Flower Essence Description

This formula helps balance an excess or deficiency of the characteristics associated with the earth element: physical; material; form; structure; the ability to manifest an idea; practical sense; building; determined; holding on; grounded; anchored; stable; cautious; careful; conservative; steady; consistent; slow but sure; stubborn; obstinate; rigid; obsessed.

Contains: Apple, Canyon Grapevine, Thistle.

Useful for those who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • cannot get projects from the idea stage into manifestation
  • need stability and consistency in their lives
  • need to consider an action before initiating it
  • are not grounded
  • need to cultivate a greater consciousness of their physical senses
  • need to be able to listen to their gut reactions
  • tend to live with their heads in the clouds
  • are so focused on details and efficiency that the end goal is not achieved
  • need determination and the ability to stick to a project or process
  • have difficulty completing things
  • don’t want to change
  • those who like change just to have excitement
  • are rigid or set in their ways
  • are impatient
  • act rashly or too quickly
  • need to learn timing
  • need to develop common sense

More information about the five elements is available [ here ].

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