Crown of Thorns

Essence Type: Individual Flower Essence
Flower Color: white


Flower Essence Description

For those who believe that they must pay a price for love, or that everything worthwhile is difficult to obtain, this essence helps us to know that abundance is our birthright. It is also excellent for those who are invested in the perspective of good and bad, or positive and negative.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • helps us unconditionally accept all aspects of life and of ourselves without judgment of “good” or “bad”
  • understanding that our association or involvement with various aspects of life properly emerges when we recognize that which harmonizes with and complements our nature
  • realization that love and life’s blessings are freely and unconditionally available when we are open to receive them
  • opens the heart center to the experience of unconditionality
  • knowing that abundance and unconditional love is our natural state

Patterns of Imbalance

  • belief that everything that is worthwhile is difficult to attain
  • believing that we must suffer or pay a price to earn love, beauty or prosperity
  • judging certain aspects of life as “good” or “bad,” thereby judging ourselves as good or bad depending upon our association with these things
  • limiting our participation or involvement with life to only those aspects which we believe to be “good” or spiritually pure
  • struggles with the polarity of dark and light

How to use and related questions


Crown of Thorns is related to the following keywords:

abundancedarkdifficultydualityfungoodguilthardshipharmonyheartbrainlovejudgmentalmartyrdommistakenegativeperfectionismpessimismpolarityself-acceptanceself-forgivenessself-judgmentstifledstrugglesuffersurrenderworkheadconditionalfeargratitudeoptimismpushingresentmentundeservingworkaholicself-punishingprosperityunconditionaldiscriminationcondemnationreligious guiltsatanic abuseunconditional love


Crown of Thorns is mentioned in the following core-issue articles:

The Core Issue: "All or Nothing" Thinking
engaging in black and white thinking; judging everything and everyone as all bad or all good
The Core Issue: Enhancing Attention and Focus
self-judgement and the belief that you are a bad person because you cannot concentrate or focus
The Core Issue: Discrimination
tendency to judge everything in life as good or bad, thus stopping the development of accepting what is
The Core Issue: Meditation
belief that you have to pay a price to experience bliss
The Core Issue: Perfectionism
belief that all things in life are either black or white, negative or positive
The Core Issue: Physical Self-Care
feeling that you must suffer or pay a price to earn the right to take care of yourself
The Core Issue: Play
believing that you must suffer or pay a price to have fun; feeling you must earn the right to have fun
The Core Issue: Resentment
for feeling resentment that others are not suffering or paying a price to have beauty, love, or the good things of life
The Core Issue: Recovery from Traumatic Experiences
projection of your anger onto others


Crown of Thorns is part of the following series or practitioner kits:

Individual Essences Kit

This kit contains our full line of 119 individual flower essences, all of which are described in depth in The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition.

More information

The above information is an excerpt of the book The Alchemy of the Desert - Fourth Edition by Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer. Please refer to that book for in-depth information about this flower essence.

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