Gift of the Masculine Series

Our popular Celebration of Womanhood flower essences now have a masculine counterpart.

The Gift of the Masculine is a selection of composite flower essences that we have been researching since 1994. The purpose of these flower essences is to support awareness of and enhance our inner masculine qualities.

In my own personal development, once I had consciously embraced my feminine nature, I felt that I wanted to enhance my inner masculine. Once my inner feminine was being honored, my inner masculine wanted to be brought up to date with her.

The Celebration of Womanhood and Gift of the Masculine essences are not gender specific. The intention was not to create flower essences for men, rather to support masculine and feminine qualities for anyone. Both sets of essences are excellent for men and women alike.

The Gift of the Masculine series contains the 12 composite formulas listed below. Each one of these essences can be purchased separately in 10 ml (1/3 fl. oz.) stock bottles. These 12 essences are also included in our Composite Formulas Kit of 47 essences and in the Feminine-Masculine Harmony Kit of 26 essences.

Full descriptions of each of these composite formulas can be found in our book, The Alchemy of the Desert, Second Edition. It includes research results, experiential stories and descriptions of the components that make up each of the formulas.

Kit Contents

This kit contains the following 12 flower essences in 10 mL (1/3 fl. oz.) stock bottles:

A Way to the Elf Formula

This is an essence that extends our awareness to pure simplicity, light-heartedness and playfulness when we take ourselves and our processes too seriously. This formula assists our ability to transcend pain and negative entanglement. The Elf manifests in times of darkness as hope.

Activating & Honoring the Warrior Formula

This formula helps you activate your inner archetypal warrior and access courage, resolve and focused masculine energy to conquer your inner enemies and overcome obstacles, difficulties and shortcomings, so that you can be all that you can be.

Cellular Joy Formula

This formula has been shown to be a powerful way of releasing, at a cellular level, trauma resulting from physical abuse. It can release us from the fear of being touched and can restore our receptivity to physical touch and intimacy. It is an excellent aid for those recovering from physical beatings and from the abuse inherent in violent sports.

Emotional Awareness Formula

This is an essence to help you move from your mind into the feeling level of awareness. It helps you perceive your emotions without judging and controlling them with your mind. It is excellent for excessively intellectual, as well as overly emotional, states. The formula inspires you to stay present, centered and aware through intense emotional states, without blocking or escaping them.

Husband Formula

A universally applicable flower essence formula to enhance understanding of the role of husband and adjust to it. It is also excellent for women who want to recognize and empower their inner husband or change their perception of what a husband can be.

Inner Father Formula

This formula activates and deepens our connection to our inner sense of “father”. It helps us to know inner authority and leadership qualities, and to be able to move forward in life.

MANifesting the Inner King Formula

This is a formula to help us to manifest the archetypal inner king that each one of us has inside. The inner king can empower us with the qualities of dignity, nobility, justice, generosity, confidence, love, and respect. This essence can help men (or a woman’s inner masculine) to go beyond our societal models of man to create and manifest a new one.

Nice Guy Formula

This composite formula is for those who want to be nice at any price. It helps us have appropriate and straightforward relationships based upon respecting and empowering others, rather than rescuing them.

Owning the Level Formula

Expressing our talents and gifts and integrating mastery is the universal principle these flowers support. This formula is helpful for those seeking clarity and courage to do what they most love to do.

ReSourcerer of ReCreation Formula

Life is a continuous re-creation. We are constantly learning, growing and re-creating ourselves. The archetypal sourcerer is he who has learned to transform and re-create. This formula helps activate this principle within us so we recognize that we have all the resources we need to re-create ourselves with fun and joy.

Saguaro-Queen Formula

This is an essence of inner balance with which we can experience our inner masculine and inner feminine in harmony. Our inner male provides a safe and protected space for our inner female to create and express. This essence fosters feelings of safety, security and oneness with our deep, inner wisdom.

Sexual Harmony Formula

The Sexual Harmony Formula helps us in choosing light-hearted balance and harmony for cellular level creativity. This is an essence to assist us in being responsible with our sexual energy. We can experience sensitive awareness of our partner and the recognition and resolution of patterns of sexual addictions.

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