Timely Flower Essences

This is the list of the flower essences mentioned in our recent newsletters that address issues many of us are experiencing during these times of accelerated inner growth and adjustment to a profoundly changed world.

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May 4, 2021 – Find the Right Balance


Hedgehog Cactus

Hedgehog Cactus flower essence encourages you to participate more fully in life and life’s adventures, to expand your basis of experience. If you hold yourself back, keeping yourself too tightly in check, it helps you let go.

But it can also help you if you go overboard into excess. Full bodied abandonment into experiences without considering the consequences can be detrimental as well, but it can show you the two extremes so you can find a place of balance.

Hedgehog Cactus brings you back to the center, to a place of equipoise. As you begin to venture out of isolation, consider this flower essence to help you find the right balance of cautious activity that is right for you.

April 21, 2021 – Trust Yourself

Hedgehog Cactus

Hedgehog Cactus flower essence helps you deal with feeling cut off from the source of life, or pandemic fatigue, as many of us are experiencing.

This flower essence helps encourage confidence in yourself and in your ability to participate in life. It enhances empathic perception that allows you to feel closer to others even if you are not physically close.

Palmer Amaranth

If you are feeling rather scattered and seeing things on the surface level, Palmer Amaranth flower essence helps you go to the root of it. It deepens your sense of connection with your Higher Power and can help you see what truly nourishes you at this time.


If you need to be more gentle with yourself, Whitethorn can help. If you are succumbing to old patterns or habits even though you recognize that they are no longer appropriate, the essence can bring a sense of optimistic freshness. It helps your thinking move in new and more innovative directions, sparking inventiveness.

April 2, 2021 – Shift to a New Perspective

Arroyo Willow


Arroyo Willow is excellent flower essence for when you create a negative reality and then blame outside forces for it. Arroyo Willow helps you take responsibility for the interpretations your mind makes of the events in your life and leave you feeling like a victim of circumstances.

This flower essence helps you take responsibility for your own creative power of thought. It helps you know that you are responsible for the interpretations you make of your life and helps you shift to a new perspective where you can see the situations in your life from a new and more empowering view.

Rainbow Cactus

Rainbow Cactus flower essence helps you process and release emotions that are deeply held in or stuck. It can help you release old attitudes without becoming stuck in them, simply letting them go.


Whitethorn helps you if you are making things difficult for yourself. If you are succumbing to old patterns, habits, or situations even though you recognize that they are no longer appropriate, the flower essence helps your thinking move in new and more innovative directions.

Whitethorn flower essence brings you back to your center, helping you be more gentle with yourself and helps you sort out what is most important in a situation or life circumstance.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Golden Star Anchor Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) is a very grounding flower essence, helping you connect with the Oneness and bring in its light and send it throughout your body. It facilitates angelic awareness firmly grounded in your body.

March 23, 2021 – Being Present Here and Now

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus


How much time do you spend thinking about the future and everything that might go wrong? Do you make plans about what you would do if a certain challenge manifests, even though there is no evidence that it will?

When you focus on what might go wrong you are not present and aware of what is going right. The mind loves to have something to do and looking for negative or bad things to happen can be a favorite pastime. The energy you expend looking and planning for things that could happen can be great. When it is freed up, it can be used for being more present in what is happening here and now.

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus helps you look for, and see, the perfection there is in every moment. It can bring you into the awareness of here and now, which is a much better preparation for anything that might happen in the future.

When your awareness is in the present you are better prepared to hear intuitive impressions that can help you through any unforeseen difficulty. The flower essence helps you stop taking everything in life so seriously that you lose the fun and joy that life is when you allow yourself to be fully present.



Grieving is an important emotion that can help you complete things. When you push it away without fully feeling it you deny yourself the freedom and completion that you need. Grieving is not just about losing a person or a relationship. It is also a part of transitioning out of any life event that has become a part of mundane expectation. In other words, things that used to happen in your life but no longer do can evoke grief. Losing a job or a particular way of doing things can bring on feelings of loss.

When you give yourself to the process, you go on a feeling journey that can ultimately free you to accept a new way of life. Hackberry flower essence can help you feel the grief and be all right with it. If you tend to want to push it away, the essence can help you embrace it and stop judging the process.

Galactic Center Formula

Galactic Center Formula (from the Plants & Planets Kit) helps you harmonize any issues you have about the position of the Galactic Center in your chart. Wherever 27 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your chart indicates the influence of the house in relation to your sense of freedom and truth. In a sense, it indicates how you are a mouthpiece for universal truth.

Initiation into Angelic Awareness

Have you been invoking angelic support? No matter what is happening the angelic realm can help. Whether you are simply wanting a change in perspective, support to have stamina, a desire for inspiration, or anything else, the angelic realm can help. Initiation into Angelic Awareness flower essence formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) helps you remember to ask for support and it can deepen your connection to the angelic realm so that you can consciously work together.

December 23, 2020 – Let Go of Old Perspectives

Senita Cactus


Senita Cactus flower essence is a timely support to help you let go of old perspectives that keep you locked into something uncomfortable. When you view the world in a way that fuels bitterness or resentment for what has gone on, you keep yourself locked into old emotional wounds and hurts.

These perspectives keep the old wounds alive and keeps them from resolution. You can’t move ahead when you are held hostage by old issues. If you cling to them they own you. Senita Cactus fosters the faith to let go of old perspectives that keep you locked into unsettled emotions. The essence brings a grander perspective and centeredness in relation to your emotions.

Spanish Bayonet Yucca

If you are at a crossroads, Spanish Bayonet Yucca flower essence helps you unite your courage, your intention and your power to take action. If you are indecisive, the essence can help you gather yourself together to find and trust the answer that best supports movement forward.

It is a great flower essence if you feel you may not be able to achieve your goal or your purpose. It helps you let hesitations or fears fall away so that you have resolution of intention, the foundation for moving ahead.

Activation Formula

The angelic realm is always there to help you. The great secret is that you have to ask for their help. When you ask for help, Activation Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) activates the angelic contact and lets the angel know you are ready to experience its presence. It is a flower essence that helps you experience the quickening of spirit in matter.

December 11, 2020 – Allow Yourself to Receive Support

Giving & Receiving Support Formula

It’s the holiday season when we typically give and receive presents. What is your comfort level this year? If you feel you ought to give a gift but are not fully inspired to do so, what comes up inside you? Sometimes you have difficulty receiving a gift and immediately feel that you have to give something back.

Giving & Receiving Support Formula helps you harmonize any issues with receiving or giving. If you have difficulty receiving, others cannot give. If you find it easier to give than receive, part of the circle is broken.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus is the Essence of the Year 2020, and it is fitting that it can help us usher out this year. It can bring clarity about what the year has brought and can help you understand where you want next year to take you.

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus

Vulnerability is a powerful quality to have. We are never closer the the Creator than when we are vulnerable. In order to be shaped and changed by universal energy we need to be open and vulnerable to allowing it to happen.

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus helps you find deep strength in being vulnerable. It supports you in knowing that you don’t need anything outside of yourself to simply be.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Golden Star Anchor Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) helps you bring in the light from the Oneness and anchor it into the cells of your body. It is simultaneously grounding while you feel connected to the angelic support that is available to you.

December 2, 2020 – Surrender to Your Highest Good

Canyon Grapevine

If you tend to over-extend yourself, Canyon Grapevine flower essence can be a harmonizing friend. It helps you appreciate others because of your interdependence, rather than feeling dependent on, or enmeshed with others. It also supports you in finding that what seems to be an obstacle is actually something you can use to grow in a new way.

Pencil Cholla Cactus

Pencil Cholla Cactus flower essence helps if you feel overwhelmed by details or become easily distracted when you start out in a particular direction. It supports you to calmly assess a situation and surrender to your highest good in solving something.

White Evening Primrose

White Evening Primrose flower essence helps you find that your feeling of vulnerability is not a weakness, but a way to be closer to the divine. It helps you find strength though vulnerability and steadiness and stability because of it.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Golden Star Anchor Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) helps you bring in the light from the Oneness and anchor it into the cells of your body. Who can’t use an upliftment of divine light?

November 5, 2020 – Seeing Obstacles as Opportunities

Canyon Grapevine


Canyon Grapevine flower essence helps you deal with your perception of obstacles. If you observe how this desert grapevine climbs a tree or other support, you will notice that it does not stop when it reaches an apparent obstacle:

As the vine grows along a branch and meets an obstacle, it doesn’t stop growing. Instead, it uses the obstacle as a support upon which to grow. In the same way, Canyon Grapevine helps us see obstacles in our lives as opportunities. Often, an obstacle appears in our lives that results in our making a new structure or foundation upon which we can rest. This flower essence can help us have the perspective that everything that happens is for the best. Apparent obstacles are events that show us how to go on. We can be sensitive to what we encounter, but we don’t need to be daunted.

Organ Pipe Cactus

Organ Pipe Cactus flower essence often comes up when you are feeling somewhat unable to focus on, and care for, the daily mundane events. In some cases it indicates that you may be feeling a “dark night of the soul”, where the foundations of existence are being quested within you. This may lead to a feeling that you are disconnected from humanity.

Organ Pipe Cactus strengthens your grounded practical side as you allow this internal shifting to take place. It is a time of internal preparation that might not be fully clear to you now, but that will become more apparent to you in the future.

Organ Pipe helps you feel able to honor the inner changes that are taking place while you simultaneously chop wood and carry water.

White Evening Primrose

The essence from White Evening Primrose can be indicated when you feel vulnerable and unprotected.

Seeing the luminous white petals glowing in the evening and night darkness reminds me of the inextinguishable flame of life within us in spite of our seeming vulnerability.
“The purity and lightness that these flowers evoke helps us connect with our childlike innocence. It is through this innocence that we are protected from the fear of what is dark and unknown. This precious innocence can keep us from the fears and ills of worldly existence.

11:11 Formula

If ever there was a time on the Earth where we have an opportunity to expand and grow into a higher consciousness it is now. When the going gets tough, the tough work with the angelic realm. The 11:11 Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) is a support for helping you anchor divine energy into your mundane, worldly existence.

October 21, 2020 – Staying Focused

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus


Are you having difficulty staying focused on what you want to do? Is it too easy to be sidetracked by the noise and confusion? Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus flower essence helps your focus be one-pointed and steady. It is also great for supporting you to have greater discernment in where you want to focus your energy. It can show you what actions will support the upward spiral of life rather than getting bogged down in those that don’t.

This essence doesn’t remove the thoughts from our minds, but rather helps them fade more into the background. This creates a clear space in which to focus on what is essential in this moment. When we are clear and focused, it is easier to access our inner courage and find confidence.

If you want to meditate but you have difficulty, try Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus before you sit for meditation.


Probably everyone is ready for the pandemic to be over. Yet it is not. Periwinkle can help you contemplate where you are in the midst of it all. It is a great flower essence to use when you are tempted to rush on ahead into what you want life to be, rather than contemplating where you actually are.

Periwinkle can help you if you feel enclosed in necessity. Yes, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions. Yes, the times may feel restricting and heavy. The essence can help lift the feeling of restriction and help you see benefits that you can integrate as a result of the present life conditions.

Violet Curls

Are you having difficulty being calmly and objectively centered in yourself? Violet Curls may help. It relieves congestion in your emotional body ,easing emotional tensions and re-balancing you.

If you are aware of a backlog of unresolved feelings, this essence can help you release them, one at time, so you are no longer overwhelmed by them. In crisis situations it is often important to set aside your emotions so you can take appropriate action. Yet it is important to later process them so they do not create a backlog. The gentle support of Violet Curls uplifts and lightens your mood as you let go of the tendency to take things too seriously.

Fulfilling Your Divine Mission Formula

Your divine mission may be simpler and more present than you think. Fulfilling Your Divine Mission Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) can help you be all that you are, embody your Truth, and do what you came here to do.

October 8, 2020 – Own Your Creative Power of Thought

Arroyo Willow

Arroyo Willow flower essence is for when you create a negative reality for the situations in your life. Yes, times are hard and every day seems to reveal more challenges. However, there are great things that have been happening as well.

Arroyo Willow can help you own your own creative power of thought and use your mind to perceive the things that have brought you new opportunities with the changes. It restores your awareness that you have a personal will, which can be activated to change your perspective.

If you feel bitterness or resentment for what the times have brought, the flower essence can be an antidote to feeling like a victim. It helps you let go of a rigid perspective and surrender to a more flexible outlook.

Fishhook Cactus


You have a voice and every time you communicate you take a risk. Fishhook Cactus helps you realize that there is only something to be gained and not lost through communicating.

If you need to have an important discussion and are dreading it, try using this flower essence.

This is the essence for those who are closed-mouthed, who refuse to discuss an issue or negotiate because they are afraid that they will lose something. With this essence we experience that when we take the risk and communicate, we slowly build up trust.

Sow Thistle

Sow Thistle flower essence is for dealing with obnoxious behavior, whether it is your own or someone else’s. It can help you recognize when you are being annoying or too pushy with others.

It also can help you when you are around others who are overbearing or nasty. It helps you be appropriately strong in a situation that calls for it. Sow Thistle can help you stand up to those who are overbearing. It can help keep you from getting your buttons pushed when around this type of person, and respond appropriately.

Group Initiation Formula

We are all in this together, and we can invoke angelic support in every aspect of our lives. Group Initiation Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) helps us merge into Oneness, acknowledge the angel in others, and work for the highest good of all.

September 15, 2020 – Finding Balance

Buffalo Gourd


If I was to give just one word for the harmonizing quality of Buffalo Gourd flower essence I would say balance. If you feel out of balance, erratic, overextended, and/or depleted, Buffalo Gourd can be your friend. Or if you are experiencing emotional swings or feel emotionally vulnerable, it can help. It is also a great flower essence to use when you are overly identified by the things happening in the world.

Buffalo Gourd flower essence helps you know that “I AM the center” in all situations. It is for emotional stability and equilibrium. It soothes the nervous system by helping you find emotional balance.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

There is no better flower essence for clarity and focus than Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus, something we can all use an extra dose of at this time. Even if you have clarity it can be a challenge to stay focused with so much happening all at once.

Palmer Amaranth

When you are seeing things on the surface level, Palmer Amaranth flower essence can take you a deeper perception. If you are feeling scattered or dissociated the essence can help ground you. It supports body consciousness and it brings you back to your center.

Palmer Amaranth also can help you find what truly nourishes you at this time. It takes you deeper into yourself and awakens an aspect of your consciousness that can show you what you truly need.

Initiation into Angelic Awareness

When the going gets rough, the tough invoke the angels! Initiation into Angelic Awareness flower essence (from the Angelic Awarenesses Kit) helps you remember to invoke angelic support when you are going through a challenging time, or when you could use some help.

Never doubt the power of teaming up with the angelic realm. You can be inspired to take actions you otherwise would have overlooked. You can also feel supported instead of feeling that you are going it on your own.

September 4, 2020 – Use Your Energy With Better Discernment

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus, the Essence of the Year 2020, has been featured many times in our newsletter this year! This is the essence for clarity and it fosters the ability to focus. Perhaps Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus can help us have 20/20 vision of who we are and where we want to go. It is a wonderful flower essence for focusing the mind before meditation.

It also has another great gift, that of helping you use your energy with better discernment, especially if you are easily distracted into focusing on things that you later wish you hadn’t.



How often do we want to rush off into something new without contemplating what we are leaving behind? Periwinkle helps you contemplate where you are coming from so you can make wisdom from the experiences you have had. In this way you can create a foundation for where you are going and be better prepared for what will come.

Violet Curls

Violet Curls flower essence seems particularly relevant now as many of us are experiencing old, bunched up emotions that want to be felt and released. Violet Curls helps you experience your emotions with a calm detachment and clarity.

The essence relieves emotional congestion and tension and rebalances your emotional center to function in harmony with with your physical and mental bodies. It uplifts and lightens your mood and helps you not take your emotional too seriously.

Violet Curls can be a wonderful “cocktail” at the end of the day!

Empowerment Formula

Self-empowerment is the internal feeling that we have the power, the motivation, the creativity and the initiative to do something that is beneficial for us and others, without the need of or dependence on external approval.

Empowerment Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) helps you authorize the union of the angelic and human realms together. It helps you know who you truly are and move in life from that perspective.

August 18, 2020 – Set Your Intention Based on How You Want To Feel

Cliff Rose


In my decades working consciously with the great devas of the Arizona deserts I have often been directed to Cliff Rose. This is a flower essence that comes up quite often for my clients as well.

There are two important qualities that this essence strengthens within you. One is setting an intention. When you have an idea and you want to bring it into manifested form you need to define your intention.

I think the most important aspect of setting your intention is to be aware of how you want to feel. What qualities do you want to experience as you go throughout your day? Do you want to feel peacefully grounded? Do you want to feel inspired and creative? Unconditionally loving of yourself and others? Do you want to continue to evolve and grow beyond your challenges?

Whatever you set as an intention becomes the reference point for making daily decisions. For example, if your intention is to unconditionally love yourself and you have an opportunity to decide between two things to do, the one that would be more unconditionally loving to yourself is easier to choose.

Cliff Rose helps you define and set your intention. Energy cannot move without intention. The essence activates the energy behind your intention, or the motion that is necessary to activate or bring your intention into being. It helps you unite your intention with your will so your actions have a guided path to follow.

The second quality that Cliff Rose embodies is infusing your life with a more spiritually balanced energy. Cliff Rose helps you remain connected with your spiritual source while you manifest something practical or mundane with it. In that way everything you do begins to feel intentional and suffused with higher purpose. It helps keep you connected to source energy and bring that quality into manifested form.


When the going gets tough many of us try to control things. However, that can pull you away from focusing on what is most essential for your own highest good. Hoptree is for when we too easily become distracted by others’ needs and don’t focus on what we need to be doing.

This flower essence helps you stay focused on what is most essential. It supports you to remain firmly directed by your own inner guidance. The essence can help you find a healthy balance between controlling things and selecting boundary-making choices that support your highest good. When you stay focused on what your inner guidance is directing you to, you will support others in the very best way.

Staghorn Cholla Cactus

Staghorn Cholla Cactus flower essence helps if you are feeling disoriented or disordered in yourself, especially following a time of change or upheaval. You may feel unfocused, exhausted, or like you have been internally unraveled.
Staghorn Cholla Cactus helps you regenerate and reintegrate yourself according to your essential nature, rather than what your mind thinks. It fosters faith in your own internal capacity for self-ordering and healing.

The essence can bring the awareness that change happens in harmony with with and conforming to your unique inner design. It can help you discover more expanded capacities of your innate resources and capabilities. It supports you to make internal sense of the changes and chaos that lead you to this point.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Golden Star Anchor Formula (from the Angelic Awareness Kit) is a grounding flower essence. It helps bring your connection to God, or the Oneness , into and throughout your body and anchors it there. If there was ever a time for remaining connected to your spiritual essence, this is it.

August 8, 2020 – Use the Creative Power of Thought to Shift Your Perspective

Arroyo Willow


Arroyo Willow flower essence is a great support for when you feel that life has dished out a rotten deal. We are all destined to have certain experiences in life, but how we interpret them is under our control.

This flower essence helps you create the best possible reality out of what is happening in your life. It supports you in being strong but not rigid if you feel a need to control everything around you. If you feel scattered and inwardly fragmented, the essence can help you surrender to a more flexible outlook.

If you are feeling resentful for what life has done to you, this essence can help you sense your connection to universal energy. It is a great flower essence for helping you discipline your mind and let it use its creative power of thought to shift your perspective.

Hairy Larkspur

If you feel locked into something uncomfortable, Hairy Larkspur can help you free yourself. Sometimes it can indicate that you feel that there is something inside you that is dirty or needs cleansing. The essence can uplift you and cleanse your self-image.

This essence is also excellent if you are having cravings for sweet things or carbohydrates. Using Hairy Larkspur has helped many folks quit these cravings and let go of an addiction to sweets.

One woman, after using Hairy Larkspur for three weeks, said, ‘This flower essence helped me have a new paradigm of self-parenting. I used to eat a lot of chocolate. It was out of a deep desire to feel better by rewarding myself. However, while using this flower essence I began to see that when I would crave chocolate, I really wanted emotional assurance and support. Now I see that my inner mother can serve me better with soothing words of comfort, rather than chocolate. I can call a friend and talk rather than fill my mouth with chocolate, and I feel much better.’

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus


Formerly known by the name of Strawberry Cactus, Sonoran Rainbow Cactus holds great support for your mind. So many intense things have been happening in the world that you might be mentally preparing for the next disaster before it happens. This requires a huge amount of energy and keeping yourself focused on worst case scenarios.

What you focus on expands. Sonoran Rainbow Cactus helps you let go of this tendency and stop taking life too seriously. The essence helps you be more present in the moment and allow yourself to have fun. No matter what is happening, a little laughter can release your mind from focusing on all the bad things that could go wrong.

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus supports you in letting go and giving up emotions to your heart center for transmutation. It also helps you adjust to a greater intensity of energy as you remember that there is perfection in each moment.

Venus Cycles Formula

Venus represents the archetypal feminine and all of its qualities. Perhaps some of these qualities might be appropriate for you to connect with at this time. Venus rules relationships, some of which may be challenged during this chaotic pandemic time.

Venus Cycles Formula can help you with any relationship issue: repairing relationships, seeking new ways to keep your relationships fresh, or finding ways to find new ones.

The essence can also help you contact and nurture your own feminine qualities. Inner reflection, quiet meditation, finding how to nurture yourself, fostering your sexuality, and finding the best way to care for others are all part of this formula’s support.

Reuniting Star Fragments Formula

From the Angelic Awareness Kit, Reuniting Star Fragments Formula helps you pull yourself back together once you have been blown apart by life events or an inner healing process. It can help you collect the soul level of your being with which you may feel disconnected.

July 23, 2020 – Feeling a Little Claustrophobic in your Mask?

Try this. Put a few drops of Arizona Sycamore flower essence on your mask. Or mist your mask lightly with the essence in a little water in an atomizer.

Arizona Sycamore is wonderful for when you feel confined or entrapped. It helps you shift to the perspective that certain things that may feel confining are actually supportive.

If you have difficulty wearing your mask, try it!

Cardinal Flower

The flower essence of Cardinal Flower is often used for conscious awareness of sexual energy and how to channel it most effectively in your life. Sexual energy, once aroused, can be consciously channeled into other usable forms of energy and can enliven other endeavors.

The essence is also for cultivating a healthy relationship between the five senses and your mind. Let’s say you see a chocolate cake and think, “Wow, I LOVE chocolate cake. I want to eat the whole thing!” But eating a whole chocolate cake is rarely as fulfilling as you might think.

Cardinal Flower can help you have a healthier balance between the desire provoked by the senses and what you choose to do with it. Perhaps, in the cake example, it could result in the thought, “I think I will have just one piece of cake.”

Pencil Cholla Cactus

Do you feel that you start out after something and then lose your way? How did you get here when you were headed there?

Pencil Cholla Cactus helps us find our way back to the path of the soul. Often we feel that everything in our lives is going well. We are following a great path. Then, something happens and we discover that we seem to have lost our way. We may feel that we are no longer on the path that felt so right previously. What happened? Have we lost our way? Were we distracted by something?
This essence helps us find our direction by invoking our higher power to show us the way. It shows us that it is through surrendering to Divine will that we are ultimately able to get back on our path. By asking for support from our higher self, we can find our way through the maze of life experiences. Quite often we say that we are willing to surrender our personal will to our higher self. Yet a short time later we insist upon things being the way that we want them. Pencil Cholla Cactus can bring us the patience to surrender repeatedly until we’ve found the way of our soul.

The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition, page 218

Thurber’s Gilia


Who hasn’t felt lately like things are never going to get better? Thurber’s Gilia flower essence is one of our main essences for fear. It is especially for the fear that you may never emerge from a situation that is limiting you.

We are all tired of the limitations that the pandemic has imposed upon us. Yet here we are and things are not going to change very soon. How can you find freedom within your new normal? Thurber’s Gilia can help you feel more comfortable in this limbo state where the old is no longer valid and the new has not yet been born.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Once again the angelic realm is sending support for us. Golden Star Anchor Formula flower essence is from the Angelic Awareness Kit of flower essences.

The Golden Star ever above you could also be termed God, home, the Oneness. This essence brings in that Golden Light, sending it throughout your body and anchors it in your toes. It’s effect is very grounding and stabilizing.

This flower essence can empower you to find a way to view the situations in your life in a positive way so that you do not feel victimized by what has unfolded. The essence helps if you feel inwardly scattered or fragmented, which tempts you to attempt to overly control things.

July 3, 2020 – Choosing the Positive

Arroyo Willow

One universal truth is that we cannot control what will happen, but we can control how we respond to it. Arroyo Willow flower essence helps if you create a negative reality and then blame everything outside you, often feeling bitterness and resentfulness for what has transpired to ruin your life.

This flower essence can empower you to find a way to view the situations in your life in a positive way so that you do not feel victimized by what has unfolded. The essence helps if you feel inwardly scattered or fragmented, which tempts you to attempt to overly control things.

Arroyo Willow can help you have more flexibility as you define what is happening. It helps you create the most uplifting interpretation of reality possible, which is what you can control.

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus

When you take life too seriously and plan for what might go wrong in the future, life becomes very dry and meaningless. You give too much power to your mind to run amok and solve problems that don’t exist. A tremendous amount of energy can be spent on “What if?”

Sonoran Rainbow Cactus is emotionally soothing and calming and can help you BE the joy and fun that is possible in the moment. This flower essence helps you give up emotions to your heart center to be transmuted. It also helps you adjust to a greater intensity of energy, knowing that there is perfection in every moment, whether or not you can see it now.

Silverleaf Nightshade


Silverleaf Nightshade is a powerful flower essence for cutting ties to people that leave you feeling powerless. It usually indicates that there is an underlying fear of owning your own power.

Your own power is a conscious sense of your personal will and an understanding of how you want to use it, separate from the way in which others may want you to express it. To own your own power means to be conscious of what you want and to express it to others when appropriate.

One person who took the essence said, “Immediately I felt self-assured, a sense of fearlessness, courageousness.” He realized that he had to go ahead and do what felt right to him, regardless of how he thought others would react. His fear that his mother would die if he went ahead with his life plans melted away and the thing that had held him back for years from following his passion was released.

Group Initiation Formula

From the Angelic Awareness Kit, the Group Initiation flower essence formula is a sacred merger into Oneness with the angelic realm. It helps us see the angelic presence in others and work together to for the highest good of all. Anchoring this awareness on the earth at this time is timely and blessed.

June 20, 2020 – Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse

Happy Solstice! Happy summer for those above the equator and happy winter for those in the southern hemisphere! We hope you and your loved ones are well and staying safe.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus was indicated as the flower essence of the year 2020, and the desert devas are encouraging us to remember it now. In the midst of change and chaos, it is helpful to be able to have clarity and focus on what we want, rather than be pulled about and lose the ability to focus on what is important to you.

Are you able to clearly see where you want to focus each day? Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus can help clear out the mind’s clutter and settle it down. It also can help if you are expending your energy in inappropriate directions or indiscriminately. The essence can help you stay focused on what is important to you.

Palmer Amaranth

A grounding essence, Palmer Amaranth keeps bringing you back to center. It is a flower essence that helps enhance insights and helps you see beyond the surface of things. An awakening flower essence, it supports you in seeing what truly nourishes you at a deep level, whether that means nutritionally, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

If you tend to busy yourself with inessential things, Palmer Amaranth can help you settle into learning what is really important to you.

Mala Mujer

This plant is easily recognizable as a vegetative incarnation of a woman’s negative expression. Just as the plant covers itself with poisonous spines, so do women protect their vulnerable natures by nastiness and bitchiness at times. Just as women need to come together to support each other, so too does Mala Mujer grow in colonies.
At the root of the Mala Mujer patterns is a deep fear of your shortcomings and inadequacies. When you are overwhelmed, you may express your feminine energy in a negative way. You may be bitchy or put up a nasty or shrewish front in order to protect yourself and your vulnerability.

Mala Mujer can help you transform the expression of your feminine qualities as it supports you in feeling good with them. Instead of trying to hide them, it helps you accept them and honor them.

3rd House – 9th House Formula

From the Plants & Planets Kit, the 3rd House-9th House Formula can help with an important part of perception. The 3rd House represents your automatic thinking, the patterns of perceiving things from mundane existence. The 9th House is the capacity to allow a higher perspective inform the events of your life. Whether you need support from the mundane level or from your ability to see a higher meaning in your life, this flower essence can help.

June 5, 2020 – What Are You Feeling?

Emotional Awareness Formula

What are you feeling? Are you confused as to what is coming up as you deal with the myriad of changes and chaos in the world? Emotional Awareness Formula can help you clearly identify what you feel so you can process and release it.


Oregon Grape

Fear of others’ emotional hostility is more common than you might think. When you see others as hostile, it could be reflecting something that is going on inside you. Self-judgement and self-criticism can keep you in an inner riot of negativity. Oregon Grape flower essence helps you radiate self-love and acceptance to all levels of your being. It teaches you to trust yourself and see your own inner perfection.


Your connection with your spiritual reality is key in helping you through confusing times.

Some of us may originally have ideas that ultimately conflict with our understanding of our spiritual reality. Thistle helps us move beyond limiting preconceptions to experience a sense of inner connection and spiritual understanding. The essence can support you in feeling a deep sense of safety and security in your inner spiritual relationship.

Golden Star Anchor Formula

Working with the Angelic Realm is not just an idea, it can be a reality if you wish. In these times of rapid change and constant upheaval, we can anchor the consciousness of Oneness to help personal and collective awareness. Golden Star Anchor flower essence formula brings in angelic support and anchors it in your physical body.

May 22, 2020 – How to Be Safe Going Out

What do we need in order to be safe as partial opening of the quarantine happens? I think that logical precautions are important. Are you in a higher risk category? Do you have family members that are at high risk of having complications if they get sick with Covid-19? Do you need to foray out into the world or can your errand be done online? Will you be outside with plenty of space around you or in a closed environment without enough distancing from other people? These and more questions are important to answer before you throw caution to the wind.

I think that a combination of good logical precautions married with listening to your intuition are a dynamic combination that can keep you safe.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus, which is the Essence of the Year 2020, is wonderful to help you pay attention to the information that you need to take rational steps to keep yourself safe. It helps you focus your energy on that which is most important and keep you from getting side-tracked onto that which is not.

Queen of the Night Cactus

But equally important is the information that comes from your intuition. Every time I consider going out I ask myself, “Is this appointment/grocery trip/foray out/ safe for me to do? Will I be safe from Covid-19?” I have been surprised sometimes at the answer. But most importantly, listening to your intuition is a continuous process that requires that you be present and aware of yourself and of your surroundings and adjust your behavior as conditions change.


One of the most important lessons that the desert here in Arizona has taught me is that safety requires being present and cultivating a here-now awarenesses of myself and of my surroundings. Safely moving around in the desert environment, with prickly plants, poisonous snakes, scorpions, extreme heat, and lack of water and shelter, is somewhat similar to safely moving around during a pandemic.

A great flower essence that helps you listen to your intuition and learn to trust it is Queen of the Night Cactus. This flower essence can help if you are too stuck in your head and either not asking for or listening to your intuition, which can bring information that your mind does not, and cannot have.

Spanish Bayonet Yucca

Spanish Bayonet Yucca is one of the desert essences for fear. It helps if we have fear in facing a challenge, and going out during a pandemic fits that description.

Fear can keep us from making decisions as we face challenges. How often do we falter in making decisions because we doubt ourselves? Just as the sword-like leaves of Spanish Bayonet Yucca pull our focus into the center of the plant, so too does the flower essence help pull together three important qualities within us. They are: courage; intention; and our personal will.
Courage comes from within ourselves. Courage is simply the judgment that something else is more important than fear. Perhaps that is the real decision to be made when we are indecisive.

Spanish Bayonet Yucca helps you let your hesitations and fears fall way so you can have resolute clarity of your intention. It supports you in aligning your will, your courage and the power to take action.

May 7, 2020 – Sweets, Vulnerability, Communication, Relationships

Hairy Larkspur

Are you finding yourself with great cravings for sweets lately? You are not alone as many are acting out addictions to sweets or carbohydrates.

Often, Hairy Larkspur flower essence comes up for those who were rewarded as children with sweets when something upsetting happened. You may equate sweets with emotional comfort. Hairy Larkspur helps you untangle your association between sweets and self-nurturance.

If you find you are avoiding looking inside yourself because you feel you are not worthy, this is the flower essence to use. It helps you see how beautiful you are. If you feel locked into something uncomfortable, the essence helps transcend you represent perspective.

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus

Feeling vulnerable? Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus is excellent for finding how vulnerability is a strength, rather than a liability. The more open you are, the closer you are to the Creator.

Fishhook Cactus


Being closely together can bring discomfort when you feel you need to say something but you fear the other person’s response.

Fishhook Cactus flower essence helps you if you think you know the other person will react unfavorably. It supports you if you fear losing love or the other person’s respect if you say what you really want to. A wonderful flower essence for all issues of communication.

Venus Cycles Formula

Are relationships a challenge at this time? Venus represents the force of love that holds things together, that creates voluntary bonds that can endure.

The Venus Cycles Formula can help you find the harmony that can be reestablished and the foundation for stability. When we are stressed out, instead of taking it out on others, this formula can help you find what binds you together. The formula can also help you to feel and experience your connectedness to the collective and celebrate your contribution in consciousness.

Wherever Venus operates, one can clearly see the harmony produced by something in accordance with nature and itself.

Robert Hand, Horoscope Symbols

April 19, 2020 – What You Focus on Expands

Arroyo Willow


Arroyo Willow flower essence helps you if you are creating a negative reality and then blaming outside forces for it. It can also be indicated if you feel bitterness for what life has done to you.

Things are changing. If you spend your time blaming everything outside, you miss the chance to take advantage of this time as an incubator for future reality. It helps you let go of victim-consciousness and take responsibility for creating a reality that is flexible and uplifting.

What you focus on expands. Arroyo Willow supports you in allowing your mind a flexible outlook. You can garner your strength and focus on what this time affords you.

Palmer Amaranth

Palmer Amaranth, the Flower Essence of the Year 2019, can help you focus on whatever is most essential. It is great if you are engaged in things that are not essential to you.

It is great for those who can’t find what truly nurtures them, whether it is related to the food you choose, or the activities in which you engage. It helps awaken an aspect of consciousness and brings you to a grounded and centered state of being so you can understand how to nourish the roots of your being. The essence is very centering and grounding as it helps you find what is essential.

Water Element Formula

Water rules the feelings, sensitivity, empathy, and inward looking. The Water Element Formula is a great flower essence for helping you balance feelings of empathy that leave you feeling helpless. Having empathy and silent prayerful support for others is a gift to the collective. But if it leaves you feeling helpless, this flower essence can help.

When the water element is in balance, you can feel that you are an important part of collective support for others, whether they are dealing personally with COVID-19 or are providing healthcare support for others. We all have an important role. The Water Element Formula can help you understand yours.

The water element is also the ruler of fear. When it is out of balance you can have difficulty managing fear and you may believe whatever you mind thinks. When in balance, you can manage your fears by looking squarely at them and seeing that they are not true in the here and now.

April 10, 2020 — Bringing out the Best in Us

MANifesting the Inner King Formula

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing out the best and the worst in us. Once we embrace the tremendous changes the pandemic has brought, how can we continue to assert the best within us?

This is where MANifesting the Inner King Formula can help. The archetypal inner king is the force within you that empowers the qualities of dignity, order, justice, generosity, confidence, love, and respect. It is the part of you that draws upon these inner qualities as the foundations of your decisions.

The king is the part of us that gives us the courage to claim our position in life and be everything we can be for the common good of all. He does not act only from his own personal needs but bases his choices on whatever will support the entire kingdom.

At this time, staying at home is a heroic deed. It is what supports the good of all of the community. Never doubt that your actions are affecting everyone. MANifesting the Inner King Formula can help you find greater meaning in your actions and peaceful purpose in letting go of “doing” and instead, being a force for the peaceful flow of life.

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus


Many people feel vulnerable right now, but vulnerability does not equal weakness. You may feel that there is something else you need in order to be OK, but Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus helps you find that because you exist, there is a deep core of strength in each moment that always supports you. What are you vulnerable to? When you feel that way you are closer to the Creator than ever. This flower essence is excellent for helping you find the power and strength in vulnerability.

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus helps you recognize that whatever you are, whatever you have in any given moment is all that you need. It supports you in knowing that you don’t need anything else in order to simply be. It is the feeling of being in the flow of destiny and in alignment with the Universe.

Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula

For those who are spending more, and closer, time together than usual, Making & Honoring Boundaries Formula can help you understand your needs and appropriately make the boundaries you need in order to get them met. It is also for helping you focus on your own self-care so you can be better available to others when appropriate.

Cardon Cactus

Cardon Cactus flower essence can help us with a very human tendency. It is for when you see the dark side of yourself and project it onto someone else. The flower essence can help you own your inner shadow or dark side and make friends with it. When you recognize dark things in others, you can ask what it is showing you about yourself.

In the darkness Cardon Cactus blooms. In our own darkness we can bloom as well.

April 2, 2020 – Peace in Times of Change

Candy Barrel Cactus


Candy Barrel Cactus is a flower essence that can help you with a level of inner anxiety that you might not even be aware of until it is gone.

All of the flower essences from the Barrel Cactus Family allow you to be in touch with deep inner peace, a state of being that is natural once you can look beyond the effects of worldly concerns. However, many of us have been raised in dysfunctional families or situations in which peace was the exception, rather than the rule, and you may be more aware of a level of anxiety that had been a low-grade background to your daily life.

Whether you are experiencing an anxiety that has been with you for some time, or whether it is a new inner state, Candy Barrel Cactus can help you find where peace resides in your core. In this moment, in this breath, there is simply peace.

Candy Barrel Cactus has revealed that it is a great flower essence for those who have lived with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by their upbringing. So many who grew up in dysfunctional families live with a level of anxiety that seems normal, until it doesn’t.
Candy Barrel Cactus flower essence helps those who have underlying anxiety. It is great for those who are poised, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s as if they are are always on guard, constantly waiting for the next difficulty or trouble to appear.
The essence promotes mental clarity and emotional stillness, alleviating inner stress that has no apparent cause. It creates a greater foundation for living without the sense of impending doom.

Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer, Email Updates, December 2018

Candy Barrel Cactus also helps you find that everything you need, all abilities and creativity, resides within you. It helps open the inner doors to capabilities and instincts that you didn’t know you had. It is empowering through peace.
If you seek peace, calm, patience, and stability, Candy Barrel Cactus is an essence to choose.

Celebration of Abundance Formula

With all of the changes that have happened and are still unfolding, many of us wonder if we will get through these times intact. There is so much that is changing that it is easy to get into a perception of lack and limitation. Celebration of Abundance Formula is great to keep you in a state of being to attract the grace of abundance. When you focus on what you have and are grateful for, that attracts abundance to you. What you focus on expands.


If you are experiencing the world as hostile or unsupportive, Crownbeard can help.

This essence can help us connect with a faith and love for humanity. A timely essence, it can show us how to simultaneously be aware of the seriousness of the world situation and still find the joy in remembering the best in man […] When we feel a sense of defeat with world situations, Crownbeard helps pull us out of a depressed view and find faith and joy in being. This essence encourages positive interaction and relatedness to the environment and the world and can bring us out of a fatalistic view. […] We see that, when viewed from a greater perspective, things are perfect the way they are, even if they don’t appear so immediately.

March 19, 2020 – Adapting to a New Reality

Sacred Datura


Sacred Datura has been constantly in my mind over the past week. This essence is a blessing when your daily reality becomes obsolete. It helps you let go of your ideas about how things should be and helps you accept the new reality of what IS. It is a great support for helping dissolve your illusions or beliefs about reality. It supports courage for letting go of the familiar and what has helped you feel secure.

Once you can embrace the new, you are left with an empty space where the old once existed. What comes next? We need to become comfortable in the limbo state that exists before we can become established in a new reality. Sacred Datura helps you be comfortable in not knowing. It brings a flexibility that being in limbo requires.

The essence is also excellent for helping us find expanded vision, to push the envelope of our minds and see what is beyond. Many folks have admitted having a fear that they were going crazy, or a fear of insanity, during times when this essence was indicated. Their feedback has been that Sacred Datura helped them not only embrace the changes, but accept that they did not know what would come next. It has also helped folks dare to dream, to imagine, and to vision what could be. It helps us to a vision that retreats inward or a vision that penetrates the world, uniting inner and outer.

Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula

If ever there was a crisis, this is it. We are called to be grounded and centered in the midst of chaos and rapid change. The more centered you can remain, the easier it is to listen to your inner voice which guides and directs you. It is centering, calming, and a wonderfully anti-anxiety. You can use Crisis-Desert Emergency Formula continuously throughout the day by putting seven drops in a water bottle and sipping it whenever you feel you need support.

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus

Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus is the Essence of the Year for 2020. This essence is telling us that we need to focus our attention where it really matters and have a clear vision of where you want to go as an individual and as a caring member of a community. It can have a calming effect on the mind when it faces chaos by helping you focus, and also by helping you discern between what is the best way to spend your time and energy and what is not.

Fairy Duster

Fairy Duster is excellent for when you have been overstimulated and your nervous system is having difficulty keeping up with all of the input from the news. Its soothing effects helps to gentle down your nervous system so your body, mind, and spirit can renew and replenish.

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