Essence of the Year 2019

Cynthia has attuned with the desert devas to find a universally applicable flower essence to support us in evolving in consciousness with the events and opportunities of 2019. The essence that was indicated is Palmer Amaranth.


Perhaps it is time to look beneath the surface and find what truly nourishes you. At least, that is part of the message of Palmer Amaranth. This flower essence encourages us to look beyond the surface of ourselves, our lives, and situations we come up against, and find the root.

Kabir, a great poet saint of the late fifteenth century wrote, “If you want to enjoy an abundance of flower and fruit, nourish the root.” The flower essence of Palmer Amaranth is for exactly that: finding the essential root, the causation, and bringing nourishment to it.

Every time I attune to this flower I experience the same thing. I find myself deep within the cells of the body and I experience how they absorb nutrition of every type. I feel the process of osmosis of food, emotional support, and spiritual energy, and how they are transformed into usable body energy for living.

Sometimes using Palmer Amaranth results in pretty dramatic changes. At other times it slowly helps you clarify and take action on what you need to nurture yourself. One anorexic teenager used it for a month and transformed dysfunctional eating patterns.

Another woman took it for one day, had an argument with her family, packed her bags, and left home and family to spend two months on retreat, meditating, journaling, and realizing what she wanted for her life. At the end of this period she returned home and resumed her life with a completely different focus.

One person using Palmer Amaranth realized that she was re-absorbing unresolved wounds. She saw that emotionally she was “eating” over and over the old wounds that she had experienced, and saw that she needed to forgive the people involved in order to stop. She said:

It was like I was at the root of each situation, present but detached, and I was able to fully and completely finish many interactions that had been unresolved for so long. It was a powerful and gentle experience. I am still in awe of how deep I went and how many people I forgave.

Palmer Amaranth is also a very grounding essence, helping you when you feel scattered or out of your body. The essence helps you feel grounded and aware of body sensation. When you are in the present, you are centered, awake, and conscious. Then you stop focusing on inessential things and focus on the essential.

Time and again with my clients, I have seen Palmer Amaranth bring folks to the root of a situation. It helps us to find what is essential or at the core. It brings us to a starting point so that we can grow, heal, and develop from the foundation upwards. The essence helps us to be wide awake and centered. We feel more firmly connected to our Higher Self, or GodSelf, as we make this journey to the center within. For those who think that revisiting the past is a waste of time, this flower essence can help us know that to go back and forgive and release old hurts and “wrongs” of childhood, or any other time of our lives, is to nourish the roots of who you are. To go back and repair and make new connections to others is to nourish your roots. Strong roots make sturdy plants and abundant fruit.

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