The Changes in “The Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition”

Botanical names change as scientists continue to study the plants and classify them. In the “Alchemy of the Desert – Fourth Edition” several botanical names have been updated to reflect current classifications.

Common names for plants also evolve and people who are not botanists tend to rely upon them. The common name that we use for the following three Desert Alchemy® flower essences have been changed to the names that are now more widely used and are more descriptive as well:

  • Star Primrose is actually not from the Primrose Family, but rather the Evening Primrose Family. Its new name is Star Evening Primrose to be more accurate.
  • White Desert Primrose is also an Evening Primrose. Its name has been changed to the more commonly used name of Birdcage Evening Primrose, which is very descriptive of one of the plant’s signature.
  • Strawberry Cactus flower essence has become Sonoran Rainbow Cactus, as the common name Strawberry Cactus has become a popular name for a different cactus.

Some of the Harmonizing Qualities and Patterns of Imbalance of several flower essences have been updated to reflect increasing understanding of them based on continuing research with the essences. Additional information in the descriptions of several flower essences also reflect the newer insights.

Summary of Flower Essence Name Changes

Previous nameNow called
Star PrimroseStar Evening Primrose
Strawberry CactusSonoran Rainbow Cactus
White Desert PrimroseBirdcage Evening Primrose
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