Using flower essences that help overcome a few common causations of elusive rest.

When we sleep, our body and mind are regenerated and we wake feeling refreshed. During sleep, we also release unconscious concerns through the dream state. Yet there are times when sleep can be a challenge. During great life transitions, when we are engaged in exciting events, when worry predominates, or at other times when the cause is elusive, falling asleep can be difficult.

Sometimes there may be specific physiological disturbances that affect your ability to sleep. Hormonal imbalances are prime disturbers of our ability to get restful sleep. The time of peri-menopause can bring disturbances to the hormonal system. Long-term and unbridled stress can create adrenal disturbances that keep you from being able to sleep. There are many supportive therapies for bringing your hormonal system into balance and flower essence can be an important part.

Flower essences can help you change patterns of behavior that interfere with healthy sleep, such as information seeking tendencies that overstimulate you, worry that keeps your mind overactive, and not taking time in your day to integrate your experiences.


The process of letting go with your mind so that a state of restful release can happen can sometimes be challenging. Perhaps the most common disturbance is when you experience a lot of stimulation during the day and you have not given yourself the time to integrate. Information and other stimuli are so available to us that we often are excited into seeking more and more.

Your mind needs time to integrate information and experiences and digest them. How do you do that? By stopping the input for periods of time so that you can integrate. Contemplation is one way. Simply giving yourself the space each day to think about your experiences and make sense of them is an important practice. Meditation is another way to give your mind a rest. But a simple and important thing you can do is to spend some time without input from external sources so that you can have the inner space you need.


Fairy Duster is a wonderful flower essence that can help you when you are overstimulated. Using this flower essence a couple of hours before your normal sleep time can help you to turn off the information-seeking tendency. It helps calm and soothe your system so that you can be ready to let go into sleep when bedtime comes. It can also help you integrate your daily experiences so that when the time comes for sleep you have completed your need to integrate your day. It works equally well to calm children down in the evening to prepare them for sleep.

When Worry Dominates

Part of the process of sleep is your ability to let go of your thoughts and concerns and fall into sleep. Worry can be a great thief. The more your mind pulls you into concerns about past or future situations, the less likely you are able to sleep. Sometimes excessive worry is provoked by a hormonal imbalance and you might need adrenal or other hormonal support to correct a physiological imbalance.

Crisis – Desert Emergency Formula is excellent for when worry dominates your mind and insistently plays over and over again, disturbing your ability to let go into sleep. It can bring you into the present moment, away from the concerns of the past or the future so that you can get a greater overview of the situation. When your mind comes into the present, concerns about future or past situations no longer engage you. When your awareness is in the present, you are able to experience quiet regeneration, even if you are not actually sleeping.

Even if you can’t sleep because of a physiological imbalance, when you are in the present, a deep sense of peace pervades your awareness and you are regenerated.

Life-changing Experiences


Sometimes you may experience sleeplessness during intensive workshops or other transformational experiences that have life-changing effects. These are times when you may block your ability to integrate a new way of being or new information because of a limited mental perception.

Salsify flower essence can help you mature into new perspectives that allow something that is sensed, but not known, come into manifestation within you. It helps if you are engaged in intensive workshops or exposed to a lot of new information that is challenging to comprehend. It can be a maturing force during times of great transformation when you are exposed to a new reality that has not yet become personalized to you.

The essence helps you when you sense that something is attempting to unfold within you but for some reason it is not fully manifesting. This can be the source of unrest and can keep you from sleeping.

Salsify can help an important realignment take place within us. It can support a kind of scattering of our mind’s focus so that we can get out of our own way and allow a higher perspective to trickle down into conscious awareness to nourish us.

Commonly used for students in a new area of study, those who are in a completely foreign experience in their life, people who have a new job or find themselves in uncharted territory can be helped by Salsify.

Regeneration after Sleeplessness


If you tried everything and still could not sleep, use Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus. A wonderful support for the day after a sleepless night, this flower essence is a master at regeneration.

All vital life force energy is available to us when we want to accept it. Sometimes we believe that we don’t have enough energy. We believe there is a scarcity of revitalizing power available and we plod on through our day. Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus can help us to tap into our unlimited life energy source. In an emergency it can give us the ability to go beyond exhaustion. In other situations it may inspire us to stop what we are doing and focus on what we need to regenerate ourselves according to our highest good.

The flower essence is an excellent support, helping you find what you need to sleep better. It might be a change in your habits, a check up with a health care practitioner to find a causation for your sleeplessness, learning to release anxiety, or finding the time and way to process the cares of your day before going to bed. Woven Spine Pineapple Cactus can help you be your own best friend.

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