Bridging Differences

An important flower essence support for accepting the differences among people


  1. from the latin “differentia”, which means a distinguishing mark or characteristic
  2. a way in which people or things are not the same

I have noticed that Wild Buckwheat is flowering more abundantly this year than it has in the past decade or so. It keeps calling for my attention. Its qualities are very timely.

Wild Buckwheat is an important flower essence for those who feel very different than others. It can support you when you cut yourself off from others around you because you feel that the differences between you and them are too great to overcome.

You separate yourself from others when you spend time focusing on how different you are from them. You may even sometimes feel you are superior in some way because of your perceptions.

The word difference is from the latin “differentia”, which means a distinguishing mark or characteristic. If you can see the contrast between what another person believes as compared to your own beliefs as their own uniqueness, you can view someone from a new perspective.

You don’t know what other people have come into their lives to achieve and how they came to hold their biases. Their perspectives are based upon experiences they have had or teachings that have lead them to their beliefs. Yet they are as human as you. They are here to work through whatever it is that they came here to experience and conclude.

Wild Buckwheat can help you find acceptance of the differences among people. You can make a conscious choice to look for commonality as you interact with others. This is what Wild Buckwheat helps you achieve.

It doesn’t mean you have to agree with another’s perspective and give up your own. It also doesn’t mean that you need to convince them of your perceptions, either. You can attempt to find a common ground from which to interact.

People who find commonality in one or more areas of life may tend to respect each other’s perspective in other areas, even if they don’t agree with it. As a result, someone may be more open to consider another perspective if they see you as a fellow being.

Experience Story

Wild Buckwheat can help us in relationships with people that we probably would not have consciously chosen but with whom we need to interact because of life situations.
Marie came for a flower essence consultation because she was dreading the impending visit of her mother-in- law. A good-hearted woman, Marie had always been unable to get along with her mother-in-law.
—’I want to be centered, supportive, and kind with her but I find her so dominating that my buttons get pushed when she’s around. She’s so different than I am. She likes things done at a pace and in a way that is so different from me. What can I do?’
Wild Buckwheat was indicated and she took it faithfully.
At her next consultation three weeks later she told me,
—’I now think of Wild Buckwheat as the “ode to the mother-in-law” essence. When my mother-in-law was visiting and I would begin to see how different she was, I could tell that the flower essence was with me. I would hear myself thinking “I see only God in my mother-in-law.” I have never had a thought like that before. And the funny thing is that I could see the God essence of who she is. I saw that she has good intentions and that she doesn’t purposefully mean to hurt me. Somehow this allowed me to feel detached from how different we are. I am amazed that I could have such a different experience in her presence.’

If you are struggling to find a way to bridge the differences between yourself and another, consider using Wild Buckwheat. Then be patient with yourself and them.

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