How do you nurture authenticity in yourself?
Fortunately, we have flower essences for that!


  1. From the Greek “authentikos”, meaning genuine or principal.
  2. In existentialist philosophy: relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.



Mariola is perhaps the main flower essence for nurturing your authenticity. We may have been taught that we need to be or say certain things to be acceptable. We may fall into the patterns of acting the way we were taught to so that others will find us acceptable.

Mariola helps us to recognize ways in which we are not being honest to ourselves and others. It can show us how we may be hiding behind insincerity and just acting or being what we think others want us to be. It is a flower essence for those who set up an inner dialog with themselves in which they decide how others want them to be.

This flower essence helps you find your own inner light and allow it to shine out, no matter what you were taught to think.

Devil’s Claw


As it relates to authenticity, Devil’s Claw flower essence has a similarity to Mariola, but a also a big difference. Devil’s Claw people tend to be less mental and tend instead to sense what others might expect. I call it chameleon consciousness.

When you put a Devil’s Claw person in a group of people who love sports, she will act like a sports fan to fit in, even if she don’t like sports. Put her in with a group of women who love clothes and she is appears to be clothes lover, even if she is not.

The Devil’s Claw essence can help us when we are overly self-controlled, by an attitude that denies or discounts the value of our deep instinctual nature and our inborn wisdom. To be original, we must allow the universal life force that flows through us to manifest in a way that is unique. If we attempt to control its manifestation out of fear of what others think, then we live in a cage. We are not true to ourselves. When we allow universal energy to manifest through who we are, we are free.

Embracing Humanness Formula

Each one of us was created differently from every other human being on the planet. Yet sometimes we perceive that we are flawed in some way, especially if we compare ourselves to others and come up short in our estimation.

Embracing Humanness composite formula helps you accept your body, your emotions, and even your thoughts as the vehicles through which you can gain wisdom and understanding of yourself.

For some people, after a spiritual awakening, you may reject your very humanness, thinking you should be beyond certain behavior. However, the way you are is the way the Creator made you so that you can have certain experiences that may be different from those that some others have.

Embracing Humanness helps you accept yourself as you are. In that way you can fully embrace the life you have and accept yourself fully. That makes you authentically you.

Birdcage Evening Primrose


If you have been caught up in believing that other people have the answers, Birdcage Evening Primrose flower essence can change that perception. It is for those who have been overly influenced by ideals or ideas that others have created but that don’t fit your own deeper nature.

This is a wonderful flower essence to give you the confidence to look inside yourself to find the answers you seek instead of asking others to tell you what you should do. It brings clear discernment of your unique soul pattern and purpose. It helps you trust, honor and believe in yourself.

Until you can look inside yourself to find and trust your true self, you will never find the answers you seek outside of yourself.

Fishhook Cactus


Sometimes you might hide your authenticity behind a fear of expressing what you really think. There may be something that you know that you need to say to someone, but you think you know exactly how the other will respond, so you don’t say it. You may fear that you will lose the other person’s love or your position in their estimation, so you remain quiet, which seems safer.

However, if you are to be authentically you, you must sometimes take risks and speak out about what you really feel or think. If you are focusing on what you will lose, you never find the courage to show up as your authentic self. When you focus on the fearful, you will probably attract the very thing you fear.

Fishhook Cactus helps you go beyond the fear and speak out. Usually, once you do, the other person does not react at all the way you feared. Or, even if they do, they now have new information about how you want to be treated and may ultimately respect you for saying what you really needed.

The Wild Woman Formula

If you want to be authentic, you sometimes need to let loose and be wild. The Wild Woman flower essence formula can help you let go of too much societal conditioning and allow yourself to break free and do something unexpected or wildly different.

If your life is very scheduled, the essence can help you let go and break out from time to time. If you keep yourself too tightly held in check, you run the risk of exploding from time to time. The Wild Woman Formula helps you find ways to express the freedom that comes from doing something unexpected and self-supportive.

You may also want to check out Cynthia’s book, The Essence of Self-Empowerment for more information about becoming authentically yourself.

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