Flower Essence Consultation

$130.00 60 minutes

Book a consultation with Cynthia via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype.

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Flower Essence Consultation

In a one-hour flower essence consultation, Cynthia spends the first fifteen minutes reading a client’s background information or feedback from a previous session. Then she does an attunement with the client and uses an intuitive method to select the flower essences that will best harmonize the core issue, or underlying cause, of the client’s needs. Usually two to five flower essences are chosen to make up a personalized formula.

Then the client calls and discussion of the issues and desired support takes place over the next forty-five minutes. Cynthia shares insights into the flower essences that were indicated. The personalized flower essence formula is then sent to the client. If a client desires a follow up session, the process is the same as the initial session.

Many clients find that reading the chapter about each flower essence in “The Alchemy of the Desert” book helps them contemplate the effects of the essences as they use them. The chapters’ descriptions provide a foundation for contemplative reflection as a client uses the personalized formula.

Cost: $130 (includes a personalized flower essence formula) + shipping ($9.50 for Priority Mail-US)

Includes Personalized
Flower Essence Formula
Astrology Consultation with Flower EssencesYes$230
Astrology ConsultationNo$195
Prayer Work SessionNo$130

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Canceling or Rescheduling your Appointment

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